Alleen Coleman, owner and founder of Point of Excellence Beauty Academy, LLC (POEBA), launched a cosmetology school, located at 3616 Marriotts Lane in Windsor Mill, Maryland on August 25, 2023.

“The academy will open its doors on October 9, 2023, to welcome the first incoming class. I am so excited,” Coleman said.

Coleman has worked as a hair stylist for 44 years and a salon owner at the academy’s current location for 43 years. 

“My academy sits on a one acre, tree-lined campus. The students will feel like they are coming to a place of peace,” Coleman said.

Coleman is a passionate business owner who is making more industry strides.

“Point of Excellence Beauty Academy is African-American-owned,” Coleman said. “It is the first known African-American-owned cosmetology school in Windsor Mill.” 

A partial, interior view of Point of Excellence Beauty Academy, LLC located at 3616 Marriotts Lane in
Windsor Mill, Maryland.
Photo credit: Yuri Aureus

POEBA’s mission is to assist the students in achieving educational success. Integral training parts include successfully completing a 1500 Clock Hour Program; passing the cosmetologist exam; and becoming the proud owner of the title “licensed cosmetologist.” 

Coleman also mentioned the desire to equip students with skills to develop a pragmatic competency in the field of cosmetology; encourage them to become lifelong learners; embrace professionalism; honesty and integrity through training. Lastly, students should always look for an opportunity to give back, according to Coleman.

Training is not geared to a specific student type or clientele. 

“Various types and textures of hair can be found in every ethnicity,” Coleman said.

The cosmetology curriculum will encompass everything from general anatomy to hair care, hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, hair designing, nail care and more.

Coleman added, “One of the reasons that I wanted to open an African-American-owned school of cosmetology is because some of the African American stylists that I have hired to work in my salon over the past 43 years were trained in schools owned by other than African-Americans. These incoming stylists were licensed, but I had to teach some of them techniques that provided successful results for the African-American client.”

(L-R) Michael Settles, project manager for the Point of Excellence Beauty Academy; Alleen Coleman, Point of Excellence Beauty Academy, director and founder; and Reverend Kevin Wiggins, Coleman’s son, participate in grand opening festivities on August 25, 2023.

Photo credit: Yuri Aureus

The business owner also mentioned that her entire staff’s focus will be giving back to young people to support their journey. 

Coleman wants to provide an environment of equal access to opportunities, but her ambitious endeavor has not been simple.

“This has been a 25-year journey to gain approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission to open my academy,” Coleman said. “I never gave up on this assignment given to me by God to share my wealth of knowledge and experiences to young adults. To encourage and to motivate are my strengths.”

Coleman further noted that Point of Excellence is currently seeking creative people who are unemployed, underemployed or who want a change in careers to improve their position in life. They must be 17 years of age or older with a valid Maryland drivers’ license or a U.S. government-issued photo ID.

Incoming students must maintain a 75% attendance rate and 75% theory and practical grade. Additionally, classroom hours must be completed. Students will service clients in the student salon while being monitored by an instructor, when providing services to the public. 

“The student clinic should be open to the public early 2024,” Coleman said.

Coleman stated that her senior cosmetologist license allows her to be an instructor. She will be available to teach if one of the instructors needs her to fill in.

Alithea Robinson, a licensed stylist for 30 years, is a senior cosmetologist who is on board with Coleman’s mission.

“I will be teaching students the current curriculum for state board cosmetology, helping to ensure students are ready and proficient to become professional stylists in the state of Maryland. I am also hoping to get the opportunity to teach students how to have longevity and sustain a successful career as they move forward,” Robinson said.

Robinson mentioned that working at Point of Excellence Beauty Academy will be her first time teaching outside of an apprenticeship. After finding out about Coleman’s school, she immediately reached out to inquire about joining her movement.

Robinson further stated that she chose to participate in the venture because she recalls graduating from beauty school at the age of 18, believing nothing would be more rewarding than to become successful and one day give back.

“I could not be more elated. I feel my career is coming full circle and this is my next big accomplishment,” Robinson said.

Prospective students may visit to learn more about POEBA, or to complete a short application.

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