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Baltimore Resident Brings Black History Flavor to the Grammy Awards, Joins History-Making Collective

In case you missed it, a relatively new Baltimore resident named Jessica “Culture Queen” Hebron had an exciting opportunity to perform her song entitled “I Am The Future of Black History” at the 2022 Grammy Nominee Showcase. The public event was held on Saturday, April 2, at Water Street Plaza in Henderson, Nevada. Hebron’s musical work was included on the “All One Tribe” collective album which was Grammy nominated in the Best Children’s Album category.

On April 3, the big announcement about the Grammy winner was made. Although an Indian-American singer won the Grammy Award for “A Colorful World,” Hebron is still walking in her royal purpose. Empowering youth of color is Hebron’s long-time mission.

 The teaching artist, song writer, author, educator, and children’s event planner who is a fan of satin gloves, stylish dresses, and a sparkling crown specializes in Black History- themed programming for young children and families. The performer presented a live version of her catchy kid’s song in Las Vegas, and a few fellow Tribe members accompanied her prestigious debut. Kymberly Stewart and Ashley Wise from The Wise Channel served as backup singers.  

“Our 1 Tribe Collective was formed during the pandemic which meant that the majority of our members didn’t meet each other in person until Grammy weekend,” Hebron said.

Jessica “Culture Queen” Hebron founded Culture Kingdom Kids, LLC to empower youth of color through Black History- themed programming.
Photo credit- Ryana Burrell

She further explained that the Grammy nominated, 25-track project from the recently organized 1 Tribe Collective celebrates the rich culture and diversity that Black voices bring to family music. “All One Tribe” spans musical genres. It is suitable for families and children of all ages. Twenty-six family music artists who hail from across the country contributed to the musical work. 

Through Zoom meetings, and use of Slack and What’s App messaging platforms, 1 Tribe Collective was able to build a strong sense of community. Additionally, the creative group accomplished an additional noteworthy achievement.

“We made history being the first Black children’s music collective of 26 family music artists to be collectively … Grammy-nominated. Before this year, that had never happened because an album of that kind didn’t exist,” Hebron said.  “It’s a dream come true to be here in Las Vegas as a member of the One Tribe Collective of 26 Black children’s music artists who raised our voices to create music especially for our beautiful brown babies! Although we didn’t win the award for Best Children’s Album, we’re still Grammy-nominated forever!  The biggest victory of all is the spirit of community and collaboration that has come out of this journey. It’s the truest demonstration of the Kwanzaa principles I’ve ever witnessed.”

Hebron’s collaborative mindset is evident in how she built a positive platform. You may spot Hebron creating empowering entertainment for your royal children in-person or virtually online. She also is a content creator who creates educational music videos. Hebron’s journey intertwined complimentary training before she launched Culture Kingdom Kids, LLC in 2010.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, located in Richmond, Va., conducted an interview with Hebron. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre Education with a minor in African American studies in 2006, according to information provided on the website. In the April 2021 feature, it was mentioned that Hebron “oversees all arts programs pre-K thru 12 for the entire state (of Maryland), which includes supervising more than 70 teaching artists,” while working as the Chief Program Officer for Young Audiences/Arts for Learning for Maryland’s schools (YAMD).

Twelve years after bringing Culture Kingdom Kids, LLC to life, Hebron’s love of teaching and performing still remains prominent in her royal ventures.

 “I’m on a mission to raise up a generation of child ambassadors who proudly recognize, identify with and can articulate the richness of African American history and cultures to their peers, families and communities,” Hebron said.

And when it comes to being a Baltimore resident, Hebron has been living in Charm City since July of 2021.

“I love it here!” Hebron said.

Follow @ImCultureQueen on Facebook and Instagram. Visit www.culturekingdomkids.com to learn more about Hebron’s work. You may find 1 Tribe Collective’s music via www.1tribecollective.com .

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