Men’s Health Month kicks off in June. In addition to reminding men to schedule health exams and screenings, tending to mental and spiritual health remains a part of living a balanced lifestyle. David Correy courageously shared elements of his journey to seek treatment for alcohol abuse and depression. Correy—a successful singer with D.C. and Riva, Maryland roots—is known for belting out vocals on the music competition television show, “The X Factor,” during the second season in 2012. During his audition, Correy mentioned that he felt that “the opportunity would reconnect him with his birth mother,” if she simply heard his voice. Correy made the show’s cut. He miraculously reunited with his birth mother, partially because of his high-profile appearance. 

Despite success over the years, a recent transformation led the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resident to announce a nearly 8-year-fight to find freedom.

“I AM FREE. Free of what you may ask, after all this is the land of the free, and home of the brave. But I was trapped in a different way. I am free from substance abuse, free from drugs and alcohol, and most importantly free from the cycle of addiction,” Correy shared on his Facebook and Instagram accounts on May 15, 2022. 

In an interview, Correy told The Baltimore Times about enduring a series of life changing events which are tied to his current evolution. His mother gave birth to him at the age of 14 years old in Brazil. After putting him up for adoption, his American parents reared him in Washington, D.C. and Riva, Maryland. Correy’s love of music was nurtured at home as a young boy.

“My parents knew I had something in my soul, and my dad took my bed one day, when I came back from school. He surprised me and turned my bed into a stage, and took my sheets, and made them into curtains,” Correy said.

The culturally diverse vocalist received a four-year scholarship to attend Archbishop Spalding High School. A Berklee College of Music scholarship followed. However, a twist of events was in store when Correy reached nineteen years old. He opted to stop attending music school by choice, but also because a disease caused the loss of his voice for approximately a year and a half. After undergoing nasal surgery, Correy endured voice therapy and learned how to talk again. Instead of giving up, he became serious about his recovery with voice therapy. Vocal lessons came next. Correy officially pursued a musical path.

David Correy’s new music video and song about recovery is entitled “Why.” He is also starting to sing in church again.
Photo credit – Terrence O’Reilly

“After that, I was going to Philly (Philadelphia) every month for like almost a year, and then I bounced back, and I started doing my big shows. The first show I ever did, I opened up for Ne-Yo at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore,” Correy said.

The self-described “independent hustler” who opened up for more musical artists to “get his name out there” also started his own independent company, Urban Rock Records, in 2010. Correy wrote his own music, too. He travelled in a van selling his music before landing a big break on “The X Factor,” then becoming a finalist.

David Correy is the CEO of Urban Rock Records.
Photo credit – Mr. Luxe of Mr. Luxe Photographs

“It was international exposure,” Correy said. “That led me to a multitude of opportunities, but more than just the music. It ties into my childhood. My birth mother was found back in my hometown in Brazil.”

TMZ reported that “a woman named Luciene Lima recognized the baby pics shown in David’s segment and had a gut feeling he was hers,” according to sources.

Although Correy miraculously reconnected with his birth mother, which was a big dream he wanted to fulfill, the parents who raised him passed away back-to-back. He lost his mother to cancer when he was on a world tour and had to leave it. Correy’s father passed away on Christmas Eve. Parental loss is why his foundation crumbled. He explained that he felt like he was an “orphan all over again,” but even at his lowest point, Correy’s success and musical gifts increased.

“I spiraled out of control and alcohol became my best friend, which is sad to say… I fell in love with my demons too hard, and I got caught in the rat race of addiction,” Correy said. “I couldn’t keep the status quo anymore, to the point where it was sloppy. Wearing glasses all the time. The significant weight loss. People thought I was doing cocaine…because I was so skinny.”

The singer recently finished recovery, after getting help for alcohol and depression through DreamLife Recovery. Now he knows his parents “are genuinely proud” of him. Correy said that he is ready to release a new project, get back to touring, and fulfill his life’s purpose. Speaking to youth and sharing his story are pieces of his next phase. Correy said that music offers are currently coming his way.

“I just always knew that God was not going to reward bad behavior. And I knew the day that I got clean, my life would change…,” Correy said, mentioning putting his story within his music. “I’m a vessel here of God. I genuinely believe He put me on this Earth for that.”

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