Student loan debt remains a pain point for Americans who owe for heading to college.

“The outstanding federal loan balance is $1.644 trillion and accounts for 92.6 percent of all student loan debt,” according to “43.6 million borrowers have federal student loan debt.”

Sydnie Chandler Monet’ Collins, 18, is a teen CEO of Perfect Timing Podcast. The Howard University freshman is among co-authors of a book called “You Can Go To College For FREE!” Collins shared her perspective as a high school senior applying for and winning scholarships. 

“’You Can Go To College For FREE!’ is a storytelling, information-filled and immersive reading experience that guides you to graduate from higher education without debt trailing behind you. My chapter, Standing Up and Stepping Out, focuses on my journey of navigating scholarship applications as a scholar student, philanthropist, motivational speaker, young entrepreneur and teenager,” Collins said.

Sydnie Chandler Monet’ Collins, teen CEO, college freshman and co-author, holds copies of “You Can Go
to College for FREE!”
Photo credit: Yvette Collins

Collins also added that she and fellow co-authors offer general advice about what scholarships to look for while focusing on a holistic approach to advising parents and students about the college process. 

“The incredible authors share their unique experiences and exposure in affording a college education, how it impacted them, what they learned from it and more,” Collins said.

The Strategic Communications major stated that she was blessed with scholarships and grants that she received from Howard University.

“I have been able to dock the remaining $22k to $9k by earning $13k in outside scholarships! This did not occur by chance or luck, but by the organizations who awarded me for my achievements and contributions that reflect my dedication, determination to make positive changes for a more fantastic future for my generation and beyond and staying faithful to God and trusting the path He has put me on,” Collins added.

Collins also mentioned that she continues to apply advice that Dr. Rhea Watson, the “Scholarship Doctor” and founder of Scholarship Solutions, shared with her.

“Our book shot to number one in two categories on Amazon: College and University Financial Aid and College Guides. Since its publication date, we have continuously been a bestseller,” Watson said.

The “Scholarship Doctor” stated that she helps students of all ages to attend college for free. The Las Vegas, Nevada resident noted that her largest scholarship winner earned 2.5 million in scholarships. 

Watson, an international speaker and bestselling author, said that she is the creator and author of “You Can Go To College For FREE!”

 “I also recruited the contributing authors in order to have the 13 different voices all sharing how people of all ages can go to college for FREE. Moreover, I am the author of the introduction and the first chapter of the book, “FREE MONEY! Five Easy Ways You Can Go to College for FREE!” I also authored the scholarship, sample scholarship application and essay question/writings sections,” Watson said.

Watson revealed that she helped a then two-year-old, now eight-year-old child win over $65,000 in scholarships, grants and prizes. He is a contributing author in “You Can Go To College For FREE!”  

Watson added, “Overall, I have helped students to win over $200 million dollars in scholarships and grants.” 

She stated that community organizations give scholarships to students, in addition to professionals who help students to attend college for free. Winners must maintain their scholarships after enrolling in school.

Collins pointed out an important aspect of attaining success. The teen CEO learned to prioritize her mental health. Collins added that a new season of the podcast will kick off while she balances her new schedule as a college student. 

She offered advice about how families can fund college without student loans.

“My approach is to never fear failure but be terrified of regret. We all have to start somewhere, so by getting this book, you fill the gap with the lessons learned by the contributing authors. I am committed to empowering and equipping my peers with the tools they need to compete with other scholars while ‘Standing Up and Stepping Out,’” Collins said. “I wanted to go to a college that accepted me and was made for me and Howard has been just that and more.”

Order “You Can Go To College For FREE!” via Collins’ book over form:, or follow Collins’ Perfect Timing Podcast to learn more about her endeavors. Book purchases made using Collins’ link will go directly toward her college fund. 

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