(L-R) Yvette Lipscomb, Deborah Scott Robinson, Idella Gregory, Allison Williams, Leo Coleman, Iris Harley and Robert Harley share memorable times at Scott Robinson’s birthday party. Her former coworkers served the public with her in Anne Arundel County. Photo credit: Sweet Love Photography

Deborah Scott Robinson celebrated her 73rd birthday with over 100 family, friends and former coworkers at the Stanton Community Center located in Annapolis, Maryland on September 30, 2023.

Born on September 26,1950, Scott Robinson grew up in Arnold, Maryland. The mother of two, who now resides in Springdale, Maryland, enjoyed an opportunity to fellowship with people she knows and danced the night away in late September.

Scott Robinson gave the public a special gift of service. She retired as a dispatcher while working for the Anne Arundel Police Department, providing 36 years of help to others before retiring in 2023.

Deborah Scott Robinson received a City of Annapolis City Citation in recognition of her retirement from public service.
Photo credit: Sweet Love Photography

“Everyone’s not made to serve the public, but I think it is what my parents instilled in me and my siblings growing up,” she told Wanda Blake, her great niece.

Many of us take 911 operators and emergency dispatchers for granted while expecting them to quickly answer our emergency pleas for help. They are skilled at coordinating with other police dispatchers in emergency situations. Although dispatchers are less visible, they are the first to record and document calls, actions and reported incidents while coordinating proper response personnel who provide follow-up in emergencies.

Deborah Scott Robinson (left) with her great-niece, Wanda Blake

Photo credit: Sweet Love Photography

During her party, Scott Robinson received a much-deserved City of Annapolis City Citation in recognition of her retirement from public service.

“After graduating from Severna Park High School, you worked as a medical transport driver and school bus driver before becoming a communications officer for Anne Arundel County Police, which also serves Annapolis for dispatch. After serving 36 years with AAPD, you are taking a well-deserved retirement,” the citation said. “We know you believe your greatest accomplishments are your successful children, but we know the people of Anne Arundel County  and Annapolis are the beneficiaries of your hard work and dedication.”

Blake added that her great aunt retired from the Millersville Police Department. Blake and Scott Robinson’s children threw the party for Scott Robinson.

“I felt as though she worked so hard all of her life, and is always doing for and helping others, that it was time to show her how much she is appreciated by all,” Blake said.

Idella Gregory attended Scott Robinson’s party.

“Debbie was a great co-worker. She enjoyed her job very much. She worked a lot of overtime, especially when we were shorthanded. She was a very important part of the communications family,” Gregory said.

During some of Scott Robinson’s down time, the sports fan enjoys watching the Orioles play baseball and the Ravens play football, according to Blake. Deborah offered her voice in praise and worship with numerous churches, including the Mt. Calvary Inspirational Choir, The Upper Room Prayer Garden, New Psalmist Choir, Gambrills Gospel Singers and Christian Joy. Scott Robinson made her debut album with The Queen Sisters.

Workers like Scott Robinson’s willingness to help others has often been less publicized, but Blake wanted to share the value of matriarchs and public servants. Dispatchers must remain calm while exhibiting grace under pressure. They correspond with policemen, firefighters and medics on duty to send help to people who need it.

In recent years, a national school bus driver staffing shortage added to pandemic stress. Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman and the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation (AAWDC) crafted a retention and new hire bonus plan for contracted school bus drivers and aides as a local approach to solving the national driver shortage in 2021. School bus drivers received $5,000 retention or new hire bonuses. Aides received $2,000 retention or new hire bonuses, according to a press release.

Scott Robinson is from an era of public servants who provided valuable services to the community, despite challenges. The pandemic reminded the world how important service professions remain to be—from grocery workers and post office workers to school bus drivers and dispatchers.

While Scott Robinson’s dedication shines the light on unsung workers, loving matriarchs hold important positions in many Black families. They contribute to the general well-being of others, often providing motivation, direction, advice and insight into local and family history.

“My aunt is the matriarch of our family. She’s the glue that holds us together. She’s our go to, whether it be day or night, she’s always available for our family. When we’re wrong, she doesn’t hesitate to let us know and when we’re right or make an accomplishment she’s right there to lift us up,” Blake said. “She doesn’t sugarcoat things with us. So as the family matriarch, we give her the utmost respect.”

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