BALTIMORE, MD (Wednesday, November 8, 2023) –Mayor Brandon M. Scott convened business and institutional leaders from across Baltimore for an inaugural meeting of a new Mayor’s Business Roundtable group on November 8, 2023.
Led by co-chairs Delali Dzirasa, Rachel Garbow Monroe, and Brian Pieninck, the group of business leaders will be charged with discussing policy proposals and initiatives being considered by the Scott Administration to move Baltimore forward. This effort is designed to activate the expertise of the business community, enhance collaboration, and expand the scope of debate in our city.
“The guiding principle of my Administration has been overcoming the decades of disinvestment that so many of our neighborhoods and communities have endured, and together we must forge a path for growth,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “We’re on the precipice of an incredible moment in Baltimore’s history, but we have to work towards the future in the right way. Our vision for the future must be inclusive of every Baltimorean, and prioritize investment both in our downtown and in our neighborhoods. Achieving that goal will require the expertise and buy-in of every sector in our city, and I hope that by bringing together this group of Baltimore’s best business-leaders we can help move Baltimore towards a brighter future.”
“It is our responsibility as business leaders to use all of our tools and resources in an actionable way to address the challenges of our city,” said Delali Dzirasa, CEO, Fearless. “The goals of Mayor Scott’s Business Roundtable aligns with our core focus areas at Fearless – efficient government, social justice, human life, and quality living. I am honored to co-chair this group to make impactful change for Baltimore today and in the future.”
“Baltimore is an extraordinary city with an incredible range of assets and immense opportunity for continued growth,” said Rachel Garbow Monroe, president and CEO of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. “I am honored to help lead this effort to bring together partners across sectors to further support the development of this city we all love.”
“As an anchor institution, we are committed to the idea that organizations and institutions have a responsibility to actively participate in creating opportunities to build a better Baltimore,” said Brian D. Pieninck, President and CEO of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. “I am honored to serve as co-chair of the Mayor’s Business Roundtable. Fostering open lines of communication, collaboration, and understanding, together, we can bridge gaps and better organize our efforts to build a stronger Baltimore and help drive creative policy solutions to some of our most pressing needs.”
The Business Roundtable will convene bimonthly over the next year. At each meeting, members of the Administration will identify topics and initiatives to discuss, present updates on the group’s work, and participate in facilitated discussions designed to elicit constructive advice and feedback on policy proposals and initiatives. At the end of 2024, the City of Baltimore will issue a report of the Business Roundtable’s work and the strategies implemented that arose from the group.
Since first taking office, the Scott Administration has emphasized convening stakeholders to work on policy initiatives in a way that focuses on collaboration. Efforts like the Squeegee Collaborative employed this strategy to great effect, bringing together diverse voices to brainstorm and then implement that initiative. The Mayor’s Business Roundtable seeks to do the same thing with Baltimore’s business community leaders. Ultimately, the Business Roundtable will be one more tool utilized by the Scott Administration to engage community members, solicit feedback, and generate actionable ideas.

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