Samuel “Sam” Brice

Hello everyone!

Hoping all is well with you and your family. Hoping that you are safe and healthy during this Coronavirus Pandemic. I understand and know that this year Father’s Day will be different than any other Father’s Day you have ever live through, but there is a rainbow at the end of this tunnel. Normally I would suggest that the children, grand-children; nephews, nieces, wives or the significant other take their loved one out to dinner to his favorite eatery, take him to a jazz or music concert or like my husband, give him a few hundred dollars to go to the casino, but I am not suggesting any of the above. As far as I am concerned it is too dangerous to do any of that right now. Instead you can first get a very special card dedicated to him with a little “something-something” in it; maybe buy him that favorite tool or lawn equipment he has been hinting around about all year or surprise him with that wide screen television he has been talking about to put into his man-cave. You can fix his favorite meal or if he is a seafood lover, you can surprise him with a family and close friends crab feast cook-out in your backyard, but it is mandatory that everyone should wear a mask unless they are eating and honor social distance.

If you wish good food carry-out only for right now, than I suggest Colin’s Seafood & Grill owned by Dante at his second location, 1728 E. Northern Parkway in the Loch Raven Shopping Center. He will open for full services soon. Call 443-708-1680 to put your order in. He also caters for special events, such as Father’s Day. You don’t have to cook— the will do it for you and deliver. Dante, I am looking for your Grand-Opening of your new restaurant and congratulations.

Remember stay safe if you choose to go out to the public places that are opening up this week, please protect yourself, wear your mask and gloves.

Enjoy this Father’s Day Weekend!

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