Umar Melvin McDowell, Tee Shirt Brian and Ms. Maybelle.

They have truly done it again. I am talking about Baltimore’s own comedienne, Ms. Maybelle and her friends Umar Melvin McDowell and my godchild “Tee-Shirt Brian” did a back-to-back “GIVE-AWAY,” last week. This time they gave away hundreds of blankets, hats and gloves, as well as food and drinks. God Bless Them. “May God continue to bless them while they give to the less fortunate in the community.” Photo Credit: Anderson Ward



Hello everyone, I pray that you are healthy and safe. These days are so hard to write about positive things with so much negativity going on. I do not write about politics or crimes as you know and with the COVID-19 going on, I am trying very hard to put a smile on your face by talking about positive things.

This week, I am talking about a little boy, we call “Little Billy” who lives in my neighborhood and who bagged his first deer at 8 years old during this hunting season, which is called “Junior Deer Hunt Days.” Children,16 and younger only hunt with Muzzle-loaders or archery. Well, “Little Billy” killed his first with a Muzzle-loader. Now that is not an easy thing to do. I shot my first deer when I was eleven years old. I used a bow and arrow. I loved archery back in the day and if I must say, I was damn good at it. So every year for seven years I went deer hunting with my uncle. So “Little Billy” good for you, just make sure I get a piece. I do love venison.

Another positive thing I want to talk about is my adopted daughter and son, and my friend. I am talking about Pamela “Ms. Maybelle” Leak, Brian “Tee-Shirt Brian” Hall and our friend Umar Melvin McDowell who got together again to do a “Give-Away” last week. They did a “Give-Away” in November and December for children and families in the community in which food, books, toys, drinks, can goods and non-perishable foods were donated. Last week these three angels, their friends, volunteers and Baltimore photographer, Anderson Ward. Anderson, who tries not to miss anything positive going on in Baltimore that he doesn’t document with his camera was there helping out. Mama Rosa loves you guys.

Now, I want to talk about a guy determined to do everything in his power to keep our musicians working and/or getting funds during this pandemic. I am talking about Henry Wong, the man who owns the music venue that many jazz lovers support and love “An Die Musik Live,” located 409 N. Charles Street. Because of COVID-19 so many musicians have been laid off with no place to perform live, but Henry Wong has always found a way. As you know most of our musicians have gone from a full calendar of gigs to nothing. So Henry Wong is asking that all our jazz lovers help him by making a donation to support An die Musik Live and the  musicians during this terrible time to help them make ends meet.

It will also assist him with operating expenses and to up-grade the hall and equipment to make the live stream events even better. Give him a call at 410-385-2638.

Well, my dear friends, I must go. I appreciate if you will send me any information going on in your community by email to: [email protected] or send your letters to 214 Conewood Avenue Reisterstown, Maryland 21136.

I am not on Messenger on my computer, but you can call me at 410-833-9474. UNTILTHE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.