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Friendships: Quality over Quantity

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Many that underestimate the importance of having good people in your life may be surprised to learn how great friendships can affect your overall quality of life. Life can be tough but even tougher without a positive support group in your corner. Confidence boosters, emotional support, and stress relievers are just a few benefits of an overall quality friendship.

With age, I began to recognize the importance of having healthy friendships. I’ve learned the hard way that not all relationships are conducive to your life. In this realm, quality is way more important than quantity. As you evolve in life you begin to attract people that align with who you are in this very moment. If at any point in your life you feel as though you and an old friend don’t connect the way you used to, it may be time to make a change. It’s completely okay to learn to love people from a distance if you feel they aren’t serving the best version of you.

Accountability is one of the key highlights that I appreciate in my friendship. I have a habit of sharing my ideas with my close group of friends strictly because I know they love to follow up to help me stay on track. Accountability shows up differently in all relationships but recognizing the desires and needs of a friend so that you’re able to check in and provide feedback in an empathetic and non-judgmental way is the perfect recipe. True friends help each other reach their goals.

Great friendships can have a significant impact on your life and overall well-being. I’ve learned from experience that a solid friendship can directly affect your mental health and happiness. When you’re around positive people and have heathy relationships feelings of loneliness and depression will dissipate while feelings of belonging and purpose will Increase.

Strong relationships are mutually beneficial. You can add value to someone’s life by teaching them new things, introducing them to new people, etc. Relationships should be both give and take. Its all about leaving someone better than who they were before you came into their life and being surrounded by people who motivate you to live a more prosperous life. Always make a conscious effort to have people in your corner who inspire your journey, no matter how different it may be from theirs.

Making new friends is not easy but over time I’ve learned that this is something you must be intentional about. At a younger age, it may be cool to be popular and surrounded by a large group of friends but as you mature, that mindset quickly fades into the desire to be surrounded by an intimate group of quality people. “You are the sum of your five closest friends,” is one of my favorite quotes. Look around your circle and ask yourself, “Do I spend time with substantial people that inspire me to live a bountiful life?”

Quality friends are hard to come by so when you find them don’t take it for granted. Always be intentional about your relationships. Continue to poor into those around you and open your heart to accept all the things that a beautiful friendship has to offer.


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