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It Takes A Village: Baltimore’s All Black Marketplace

During the pandemic years, we all had to learn to be a little more creative. The way we work, the way we socialize, the way we shop all had to change. Running to the mall became a thing of the past as we learned to shop online and daily deliveries became commonplace. On one hand this was an efficient evolution but on the other hand something was lost. The pulse of the community can’t be felt through the Amazon app. The beautiful culture-inspired art that flourishes through the city is hidden on the information highway. Well a beacon organization in the city, The Baltimore Scene, is proposing a remedy.

They call it “The Black Mall”. It’s a two floor, three room marketplace featuring over 50 Black Creatives, Artisans, Brands, Chefs, and various other businesses. It has been described as not only a shopping space but as a community gathering space where you meaningful conversations are held and black joy is seen and felt. Created by the organization’s founder, Chin-Yer Wright, this seasonal event may be the evolution of how communities gather. There is music, food, shops, and good vibes!

All are welcome to shop and support – i more info about the black mall on @bmoreblackmall on ig and thebaltimorescene.org

Photo Credit: The Baltimore Scene
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