Herb Middleton

As part of the Soul Media Group and The Urban Influencer, I am constantly looking for NEW MUSIC. Just by chance, I received an email from Middleton regarding Morning Coffee, which is about inspirational thoughts and sayings. During the midst of looking through the website, I discovered that Middleton had released NEW MUSIC. Not sure of the year it was released but I will say it has been between 2018-2021.

Herb Middleton

Background on Herb Middleton, if you don’t know who HERB is, you should! Herb Middleton is one of the BEST PRODUCERS EVER: Mr. Herb Middleton is a Multi Grammy-nominated & platinum record producer, songwriter, musician & arranger. His work has been acknowledged and respected by record executives and music lovers from all over the world. Middleton’s background in music: Big Bub, Mary J. Blige, Teddy Riley, Bobby Brown, and others.  Full disclosure, I am the biggest Middleton fan there is.

With that being said, it is hard to see those who need the SPOTLIGHT or FLOWERS but will not do interviews or share their stories. After saying all that let me give Middleton’s praise for this latest project, Men Up To Music Volume 1.

Herb Middleton created a soulful sound of men, expressing love, hurt, and spirituality with the following artist: Jason Simmons, Jermaine Purifory, Tony Tatum, PJ Jericho, Marcell Russell, Darien Dean & B-Wellz, Emanuel DeAnda, Tommy Gunn, and Leanard Rashad.

Herb Middleton’s Men Up To Music

Without You with Marcell Russell is that mid-tempo banger that is a hit; No Mistake with Darrien Dean with B-Wellz is that club joint that is Hot-to-Def! Wow, truly an amazing dance joint for grown-ups! The project sets off with Jason Simmons and right from the start, you know what you are in for. Middleton’s blends are incredibly smooth and harmonious. As of now, you can only hear the music on Herb Middleton’s website: https://www.herbmiddletonmusic.com/. Hopefully, the music will be released on your favorite streaming platforms so that the WORLD can enjoy the realness of SOUL with Herb Middleton’s Men Up To Music Volume 1.

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