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Chef and dietitian Eric Paul addresses Black health disparities through a vegan diet

Chicago— The Black population is twice as likely to suffer from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease than the general public. The good news is 70 percent of chronic diseases can be prevented or treated by adopting healthier lifestyle choices like a vegan diet.

When people decide to adopt a vegan diet, many have difficulties because they lack the basic nutrition knowledge, culinary skills, and support to maintain this lifestyle change. To make his transition to veganism, Eric Paul leveraged his dietetics education and training, read dozens of science-based books, and conducted over 500 hours of research to become an expert in plant-based nutrition. During the research phase of his transition, Eric was surprised by the lack of sound dietary advice and resources targeted to Black consumers. The lack of culturally appropriate education and resources gave Eric the bright idea to create a new company called Afro Vegan.  This new startup not only teaches Black people the health benefits of a vegan diet, it also helps make the transition easier for them.

To help make the adoption of a vegan diet easier for Black consumers, Paul created a 30-Day Challenge that teaches people how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle in a fun, safe, and culturally appropriate way. 

The 30-Day Challenge includes meal plans featuring foods from the African diaspora (e.g., Jackfruit Jambalaya, West African Peanut Stew, and Ugandan Potato Curry), three online courses and eBooks, a diet and exercise logging mobile app, and virtual group coaching sessions.

Afro Vegan’s mission is to provide education, tools, and support to help Black people in marginalized communities address their health disparities by transitioning to vegan diet.

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