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Man Scatters His Mom Ashes While Flying Helicopter Over 3,000 Miles


By Izzy Hawksworth

A devoted son has flown over 3,000 miles around the UK in a helicopter spreading his mum’s ashes – from a peanut butter jar.

Andrew Greenhalgh, 73, wanted to take his mother Marie, who passed away aged 95 in November 2019, to new places on one final journey.

Setting off from his hometown of Great Baddow, Essex, he embarked on an eight-day trip around the UK, just two months after getting his helicopter license.

He flew to the Shetland Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, before flying south to Wales, the Scilly Isles, Cornwall and Jersey, scattering Marie’s ashes on the way.

Andrew and his mother Marie. (Andrew Greenhalgh via SWNS)

He touched down and scattered his mum’s ashes at random spots along the route.

He said: “I’m sure my mum would love it, she would think it was great.”

“My younger brother also isn’t very well, he has a cancer that can’t be treated, and he has said that he wants to go along with mum.”

“He doesn’t want to be in the same jar, he wants to be in a honey jar because he likes honey.”

Andrew’s mothers ashes. (Andrew Greenhalgh via SWNS)

Inspired by his grandson Arthur, seven, who loved the program Helicopter ER, Andrew took helicopter lessons 20 months ago.

As well as the epic journey around Britain, he’s taken Arthur on a few trips, including a specific route that enables pilots to travel safely in the capital.

He said: “My grandson came to live with me in lockdown, and one of his favorite programs was Helicopter ER.”

“He thought it was great, and I thought there was no reason why I couldn’t try to get my license.”

“After the lockdown last year, I started to have lessons and got my license.”

“I told the instructor, and he didn’t want me to do it and wanted to come with me, but I said no, I want to do it on my own and I loved it.”

“When I was still learning, he came and sat in the back of the helicopter, and we did what’s called a Heli Lane.”

“You aren’t allowed to fly aircrafts through London, but you can do a Heli Lane, so you can go over the Thames and fly over Heathrow Airport, and I do that quite regularly now.”

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