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Nikki Abraham
Nikki Abraham Nucleus Team Member Positively Caviar, Inc. COURTESY PHOTO

I saw a tweet the other day that said, “With all that went down this year, God has to put us in the next bible.” In that moment, I chuckled but also started thinking about what 2020 meant for me in its entirety. I focused on not just the events that occurred, but the lessons learned. I’m a strong believer that despite how bad the situation may be there is always good in the world and it is our responsibility to find it. Through this year, many gained a better perspective of life on mental, spiritual and emotional levels.

In a recent interview Barack Obama touched on the impact of 2020 in a nutshell when he stated, “adversity will give you more grit and a better understanding of what you can get through and what you can overcome.” When you understand that bumps in the road are a part of life you will learn how to navigate better without ending up in a ditch. The trick is not to get fixated on everything going according to plan, and to use your challenges as the opportunity to learn more. Once you’re clear about what matters most, you will learn to pivot in the midst of a storm and still be able to achieve all you desire. To say I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the last nine months is probably an understatement. What many saw as a difficult year was also the most enlightening year of my life. During this time, I not only learned perseverance in the face of hardship, but I was forced to literally and figuratively sit in my emotions and use these changes and challenges as a chance to grow, learn and focus on purpose. Above all else, I focused on the things I had the ability to change and learned the importance of being mentally and emotionally present while gathering tools to help maintain that mindset.

If I asked a room of people to choose a word to describe what 2020 meant to them, I’d probably be hit with adjectives like devastating and disappointing. With this in mind, I actively choose to ask others what was their favorite thing about 2020. Those who were optimistic during such an unbearable period in time were the people who often had the opportunity to experience increase. I was inspired as I watched others step into tremendous blessings in the midst of a pandemic, including: marriages, babies, new jobs, financial increase, new homes and so much more.

As we set our goals for 2021, we need to keep in mind that all is possible. With the right community, mindset and tools we can accomplish anything as long as we approach the year with a hopeful and grateful attitude. I love starting the year by utilizing important tools to keep me on track and hold me accountable. Try writing down a list of goals and create a vision board to help visualize your objectives and maintain focus on what you really want. Remember to also prioritize your physical, mental and emotional health to keep yourself balanced as we head into the New Year.

We got through 2020 and accomplished so much, so 2021 should be a piece of cake!

Positively Caviar, Inc. (PCI) is a grassroots nonprofit organization focused on instilling mental resilience by way of positive thinking and optimism. Each month, a member of the Nucleus Team features a column focused on mental and physical health tips, scientific studies, nutrition facts and stories that are positive in nature to support a positive and healthy lifestyle. To learn more about how you can support, volunteer, or donate to Positively Caviar, Inc. visit: staybasedandpositive.com.


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