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Baltimore organizations provide handicap accessible van to Police Sgt. Isaac Carrington

Sgt. Isaac Carrington

Sgt. Isaac Carrington is presented with a handicap accessible van by Mile with One Auto group and its nonprofit arm Wheels for Change, The Signal 13 Foundation and the Baltimore City Lodge #3 Fraternal Order of Police on Tuesday, January 5, 2020. (Left to right) Nancy Hinds, Signal 13 Foundation; Michael Fader, MileOne; Mike Mancuso, Fraternal Order of Police; Sgt. Isaac Carrington and wife Michelle (in front); Jerry Heid (liaison officer between BPD and Signal 13); and BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison.  Courtesy Photo: MileOne Autogroup

Baltimore— Following a shooting outside his home in August 2019, Sgt. Isaac Carrington, then a 22-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, spent weeks at Shock Trauma recovering. On Tuesday, January 5, 2020, he got a lift when representatives from MileOne Autogroup and its nonprofit arm Wheels for Change, The Signal 13 Foundation and the Baltimore City Lodge #3 Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) presented him with a handicap accessible van. The organizations joined forces to raise the necessary funds for the vehicle totaling over $70,000, which was outfitted by and purchased from Bedco Mobility.

“With the donation of this accessible van, I can now look forward to recovery,” said Sgt. Carrington. “This generous gift of mobility makes it possible for me to get my life back together and move forward. I am very thankful for all the support.”

The FOP, which orchestrated the fundraising effort and pledged the initial funds, worked closely with Signal 13, an organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to qualified Baltimore City Police Department personnel, both civilian and sworn, who experience unexpected financial hardship, to drive awareness to the effort. “Signal 13 was founded in 1983 by a former police commissioner and local philanthropists to help injured officers like Sergeant Carrington. Signal 13 is a not-for-profit with a mission to support Baltimore police families and make their lives better. We are honored to support Sgt. Carrington as he begins this new chapter,” says Nancy Hinds, CEO of the Signal 13 Foundation.

Signal 13 board member, Steve Fader, CEO of MileOne Autogroup and president of Wheels for Change, its nonprofit arm providing relief to organizations in the community who struggle with transportation, learned of the fundraising effort during a recent board meeting and pledged on the spot.

“We know from our many years of providing vehicles to those in need that transportation is transformational,” said Fader. “Being able to do this for Sgt. Carrington is a great honor and privilege.” With the necessary funds raised,
Bedco Mobility was approached to outfit the vehicle— a 2019 Toyota Sienna specifically for Sgt. Carrington’s needs. Fifteen hours of driving lessons and a special driver’s license from the Motor Vehicle Administration are required in
order to operate the accessibility van.

“I’m extremely grateful for the collaborative effort of the FOP, MileOne Autogroup, Wheels for Change, and the Signal 13 Foundation in supporting Sgt. Carrington. Their generosity helps him have some mobility and normalcy, which is greatly appreciated,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison who joined Sgt. Carrington and representatives from each of the organizations at the Baltimore Police FOP Lodge #3 for the presentation.

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Sgt. Isaac Carrington
MileOne Autogroup and its nonprofit arm Wheels for Change, The Signal 13 Foundation and the Baltimore City Lodge #3 Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) presented Sgt. Isaac Carrington with a handicap accessible van. on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021. Courtesy Photos/MileOne Autogroup

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Bedco Mobility Van
Bedco Mobility outfitted a 2019 Toyota Sienna specifically for Sgt. Carrington.

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