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MDH launches ‘Don’t Invite COVID’ campaign to encourage continued COVID testing, contact tracing

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Baltimore— The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) launched “Don’t Invite COVID,” a new statewide campaign encouraging Marylanders to continue to get tested for COVID-19 and to continue to participate in contact tracing if they test positive for or were exposed to COVID-19. The campaign is the latest effort from MDH to help slow the spread of COVID-19, especially as vaccination remains key to ending the pandemic.

“As more Marylanders are vaccinated against COVID-19, we know more and more people will begin to return to doing the things that we’ve all missed over the last year, especially when it comes to gathering with family and friends,” said MDH Secretary Dennis R. Schrader. “While vaccines are highly effective, testing and contact tracing remain critical to protecting the most vulnerable among us, until we reach herd immunity.”

Because no vaccine is 100 percent effective, even fully vaccinated individuals are encouraged to be tested for COVID-19 if they show symptoms or suspect exposure. The new campaign’s messaging will encourage such vigilance especially around events—including holidays, like Father’s Day and Independence Day and summer traditions, like beach weekends and family reunions—when people are especially likely to get together.

To date, Maryland has reported 453,401 cases of COVID-19 and currently reports a 3.06 percent 7-day average positivity rate. Contact tracing is fully operational throughout the state as MDH continues to evolve Maryland’s COVID-19 testing strategy to become more community-based.


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