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Ravens Rashod Bateman buys his mom a house

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Rashod Bateman
Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman has bought his mother Lashonda Cromer a house. When they were growing up they moved from house to house while his mother worked multiple jobs to support her three sons after divorcing her abusive husband. Photo Credit: Mitchell Layton/USA TODAY Sports

The road to the NFL is a long, arduous journey for a lot of players. Far too many of them have a tough story of overcoming adversity. Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman is no different.

Bateman’s adversity was hearing his mother, Lashonda Cromer, being physically abused by his stepfather because he and his two older brothers Monjharvis and Travian were just a room away. Bateman had to call 911 multiple times to save his mother.

Football was the ultimate coping mechanism for Bateman. He used to sleep with a football every night and get lost in football games on television. It was the only time he was able to escape the reality of what was happening in the house. Years later, Bateman is able to use football as a way to reward his mother for all that she endured by buying her a house. The 2021 Ravens first-round pick knew exactly what he wanted to do with his first NFL paycheck.

While other rookies told Ravens.com in an interview that they’d like to buy a car, a dog or invest, Bateman’s response was different: “I’d definitely buy my mom a house first,” Bateman said.

It’s no wonder he was the first Ravens rookie to sign his contract— a four-year deal worth $12.6 million.

Growing up in Tifton, Georgia was no easy experience. Bateman’s mother had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. They moved from house to house while Cromer was stuck having to support her three sons after  divorcing her abusive husband. Being able to reward his mother with a permanent home that she can call her own is the experience for Bateman. He undoubtedly spent countless nights trying to think of a way to make life better for his mother as she went through so much.

Bateman posted a picture of the house he bought his mother on Instagram along with a special message.

“Dreams to reality,” Bateman wrote. “Welcome home mama, I love you.”

Bateman and his family are in a good place now and are not likely to have to struggle again. His mother sacrificed a lot and now he gets to repay her by buying her a house.


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