With the election of President Biden and Vice President Harris, they have quickly delivered for the American people, while helping our country recover from a pandemic, and an economic crisis. It is very easy for the Republicans to talk about what the Biden team has done wrong, but with the passing of the American Rescue Plan, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, their first year in office has been extremely successful.

These two pieces of legislation will rebuild the economy and put money in the pockets of hard-working American families. Many businesses received stipends from the government, and many Americans were able to keep their businesses in the black and afloat. The American Rescue Plan was passed in March 2021, and it provided stimulus aid for families, state, local areas, and Tribal nations.

Many have forgotten the $1,400 stimulus check every family got for each family member and the expanded tax credit for each child. President Biden and the Democrats delivered big for America, but it appears as though everyone has forgotten, especially the Republicans. 

The economy under President Biden is doing extremely well, and the Democrats must blow their horn loud and clear. 

“Today, America is the only leading economy in the world where household incomes and the economy as a whole are stronger than they were before the pandemic, even accounting for price increases,” said President Biden.

When Americans look at the president’s cabinet there is a diversity of people of color, which is an accurate representation of the country. This is the first reason that in 2022 Blacks and people of color will operate and grow successfully: because the economic track record is the strongest in 50 years.

When leadership reflects people of color, America is in a better place for opportunity and progressive ideas for Black people. Whether you’re looking forward to them, or dreading them, the midterm elections will take place in November 2022. There will be more Blacks and people of color running for office than ever before in the history of America, and there will be more millions in circulation, than ever before.

In Florida, Val Deming’s campaign will raise over $60 million dollars and other races of color will raise between 10 and 50 million dollars. The opportunity for Black public relations companies, campaign jobs, the Black Media, will be tremendous, with an opportunity to make millions of dollars.

In entertainment Black companies will be given more opportunities to grow their companies and make millions of dollars in 2022. Black professional sports figures, which are making millions of dollars already, will start investing their money with other Black sports and entertainment millionaires and build major corporations, which will operate nationally and internationally. 

As Blacks in America build major corporations, they will start to invest their money in Africa— The motherland. 2022 will be an exceptional year for Blacks and Africans on many different levels, and the opportunities will expand and grow exponentially.

Buying Black in 2022 will become a grassroots campaign for Blacks in America, and the fight for social, racial, and economic equity will bring Black organization and communities together. Young Black college students will take leaderships roles in political campaigns and will create change.

2022 will be a transformational year for Blacks and people of color, and we will create a new order with the national protection of voting rights, and labor reforms. Vice President Harris as the first woman and the first woman of color in that office, will create new political power, and empower workers to take collective action in the workplace.

Finally, the Black Family will come together, because we are only as great as the Black family is together. So now pick up the phone, resolve family issues, and remember to love!

Roger Caldwell
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