Chad Colston, 10, is a creative fourth grader who attends Roland Park Elementary School. Chad is the grandson of The Baltimore Times’ account executive, Sharon Bunch. Bunch’s grandson recalls making a still life self-portrait art piece under the guidance of his art teacher, Kitt Repass.

“It took me a couple months to do it,” Chad said, explaining why he worked hard on it. “I came to her (Ms. Repass’) class every day in the morning so that I could finish it. Ms. Repass told me about the art show and I really wanted to be in it.”

   Repass mentioned Chad’s hard working, positive attitude led to Chad’s opportunity to have his artwork showcased. Chad’s creation will be displayed with artwork created by pre-K through twelfth grade students at the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) as a part of the 17th annual Student Art Showcase, 

FYI (For Your Inspiration!) exhibition from March 15-19, 2023. FYI showcases an array of Baltimore City Public Schools’ brightest and best student visual artists like Chad, according to a press release. At least 320 pieces are included in the art show. Participating students represent 68 schools. The works of art will be featured in-person at the BMA and in’s virtual grade level galleries. 

   Chad is a first-time art show participant. He reflected on an important lesson learned about putting in hard work to achieve artistic greatness.

   “The more you try, the more you can get better at it,” Chad said.

Repass mentioned that she teaches 750 art students weekly. The art teacher further explained that she selected four of her elementary students’ artwork to be included in the art showcase. The assignment was inspired by French visual artist, Henri Matisse’s artwork.

   “When it came down to it, I chose four artworks from students who had put a lot of effort, care, time and love into their work. Chad had just put so much incredible detail in his portrait. He wasn’t finished by the time the project was over in our class, and I just was heartbroken to see it not finished, so he came mornings before school started for the last few months like trying to finish it up,” Repass explained. “His artwork will be hanging in the gallery along with the Matisse artwork.”

   FYI Art Showcase Week will be underway from Wednesday – Sunday, March 15-19, 2023. A reception will be held from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday March 18, 2023, at BMA, located at 10 Museum Drive in Baltimore, Maryland.  Admission is free. Information about the event can be found online at, or by calling visitor services at 443-573-1701.  

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