The National FinTech Center at Morgan State University is collaborating with Hyperledger Foundation, a project of the Linux Foundation, and Chainyard to present “Build Your Own NFT with Hyperledger Fabric.”  This will be a two-part virtual workshop series on Thursday, March 24, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET and on Thursday, March 31, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET.  Faculty and students from Morgan State University and all HBCUs are invited to attend. Admission is free, but advance registration is required.

●      Register for 1st session: Introduction to Blockchain and NFT Concepts

●      Register for 2nd session: Hands-on Technical Workshop with the NFT Marketplace Lab

According to Dr. Ali Emdad, the Director of the National FinTech Center at Morgan State University, “Technology has transformed just about everything and art is no exception. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a way to register and protect the artwork in the open market. This NFT workshop is the culmination of months of collaboration between Morgan State University’s National FinTech Center with Hyperledger Foundation and Chainyard. The workshop will allow our faculty, students, and others to gain a deeper appreciation for NFTs and how they are created.”

The National FinTech Center at Morgan is the hub of the HBCU Blockchain and FinTech Network that actively engages faculty and students at all HBCUs for research, curriculum, and education in Blockchain, FinTech & Crypto.

 “We are grateful to Hyperledger and Chainyard for their support and making the NFT development curriculum available through the FinTech Center to share with all HBCUs nationwide,” said Dr. Ali Emdad.

Hyperledger Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings together all the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure thriving and stable ecosystems around open-source software blockchain projects.

The workshops will feature an app that has been designed by Chainyard using Hyperledger Fabric’s open-source software. David Boswell, Senior Director of Community Architecture at Hyperledger Foundation, explains, “This app is specifically aimed at helping professors teach blockchain concepts. I would describe it as a simple demo that lets people get experience with creating and trading digital assets. And since the app is open- source this is a tool that is available for anyone to use in their teaching material for free.”

Chainyard is a leading digital transformation company with a niche focus on blockchain. They offer a breadth of digital transformation consulting services to help companies transform and modernize to unlock business value.

“Chainyard is pleased to participate with Morgan State University and Hyperledger Foundation to deliver the Build Your Own NFT Workshop,” said Isaac Kunkel, Chainyard SVP Consulting Services. “Blockchain, and more specifically, asset tokenization, of which NFT is an example, are very hot topics.  All participants, presenters, moderators, and audience alike, will benefit from attending this virtual series.”

As a result of these workshops, Hyperledger Foundation has invited The FinTech Center at Morgan State University to join as an Associate Member. Both organizations are looking forward to continuing to work together to give faculty and students at Morgan and other HBCUs opportunities to study and research the Hyperledger frameworks and collaborate with other members of the Hyperledger community.

Workshop description:

This two-session workshop will start with an introduction to blockchain and NFT concepts and is appropriate for both a technical and business audience. In particular, this session has been created for faculty interested in teaching about blockchain and NFT in their courses. Join the first session to get an overview of how blockchain is being used in real world examples and learn more about non-fungible tokens.The topics for the first session will include:

●      What is blockchain?

●      What are tokens? What is an NFT?

●      Technology landscape overview (enterprise perspective)

●      Use Cases / Examples

●      Obstacles

●      How does this apply to you?  What skillsets are needed?

●      Q&A session

The second session is a technical workshop for developers that want hands-on experience. You will need to be familiar with the material from the first session to get full value from this technical session. The second session will include:

●      Basics of the Auction App which will be used in the workshop

●      Auction App versus Typical public blockchain implementations

●      Auction App code structure

●      Hands on using the app – Launching, Registering, Creating an NFT, Transfer Transaction

●      Homework on adding changes to support another type of media (e.g., music)

●      Engaging with the Community and the Lab

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