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 The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) is the single most critical state-level entity in ensuring Maryland creates world-class public schools for all students in the state. The Kirwan Commission studied and debated for years before finalizing their recommendations for new funding and programs.

“If implemented as intended, in collaboration with students, families, and school communities,” said Shamoyia Gardiner, executive director of the organization.

“The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future could ensure our public schools do more than simply bounce back from the devastating impacts of the pandemic and longstanding inequity—it could be the launching pad that ensures Maryland’s students and schools thrive in a constantly-changing world.”

Now that the Nominating Committee has completed its work, all eyes turn to Governor Hogan, who has 30 days to select seven AIB members to appoint from the list of nine candidates. The AIB Chair will then be jointly appointed by the Governor, State Senate President Ferguson, and State House Speaker Jones, after which the AIB will hire an Executive Director, who will hire 14 staff, and begin the lawfully mandated work of the Blueprint.

The AIB will have to present a comprehensive statewide implementation plan, complete with metrics for evaluation of the law’s success, by February 15, 2022.

Strong Schools Maryland advocates, builds power, and shares information with invested Maryland residents to support the co-creation of public schools that produce graduates equipped to thrive.

To learn more, visit: at www.strongschoolsmaryland.org


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