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Hug Your Trees

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My wife and I are habitual tree huggers. We tend to all 24 of the trees on our property as often as possible, and they are wonderful trees.

Back in 1978, our lot was devoid of all vegetation so we started planting trees soon after our house was constructed. We planted all of the trees in the first 10 years, including maples, birch, crab trees, willows and pines.

Unfortunately, many people today are not tree huggers. They cut down trees to make room for additions, pools, play areas and the availability of sunshine.

The chain saws are very active and the thunder of fallen trees is quite earth-shattering. What bothers us the most is the lack of concern for the environment. Trees cleanse the air by absorbing pollutants generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

In particular, trees absorb Carbon emissions and emit Oxygen. The more trees that come down the more Carbon in the air, and the greater the pollution and health risk to the population.

We would love to see more tree-hugging by people. Please save your trees and yourselves, and plant more trees.

Donald Moskowitz, Londonderry NH


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