Former President Donald Trump, through his project ‘warp speed’ got several pharmaceutical companies to rapidly develop what the scientists were telling us were vaccines for COVID-19. Many kudos to Trump and his efforts to combat the disease. He followed what the scientists told him and commissioned the development of these so-called vaccines. President Joe Biden, who with his Vice President Kamala Harris initially ridiculed the vaccines saying on tape that they would not trust any vaccine developed by Trump, is now mandating the same vaccines they once ridiculed with the help of the traditional press.

    Now, after more than one year of pushing these vaccines and after the vast majority of Americans have taken the jab, some the two first recommended and then the third which they call a booster, COVID in one form or another is overtaking the country again. Vaccinated people are getting it just like the unvaccinated.

    This leads us to ask whether what is in the jab really qualifies to be termed ‘vaccines.’ We thought that vaccines, after they were given, served to prevent people from getting the disease against which they were vaccinated. This quote, “Vaccination is the safest way to protect your child against an infectious disease. Once your child has been vaccinated, they should have the ability to fight off the disease if they come into contact with it. They have a level of protection, or immunity against the disease,” best captures for many older people, the real purpose of vaccinations.

   When did the understanding of what vaccinations were all about changed? If I get a vaccination for polio, I surely do not expect to get polio. When I took the double dose of the Moderna vaccine last year, I was led to believe that after taking the vaccination I would be protected from getting COVID, and I believed that to be true. My grandchildren came and demanded that I take the jab so they could come and play with me without giving me the disease because we all believed that the vaccination immunes us from getting and spreading the disease.

   But we are now finding out that none of that is true. People everywhere, from all walks of life are getting the disease after three jabs. In Israel, they are talking about giving a fourth jab! This thing will never end at this rate and with these so-called vaccines.

   One can easily be led to believe that what is driving vaccination mandates, in spite of the evidence that they do not work like traditional vaccines, is coming not from true scientists, but from political scientists who have their own reasons for telling the public to get vaccinated with the current jabs that do not protect us from the current disease in our traditional understanding of what vaccinations do for the human race.

   It is my belief that real scientists need to go back into the labs and work at developing a true vaccine against COVID. The nation needs that and with warp speed. What Trump developed is not doing for us what vaccines are supposed to do. What Biden is pushing, mandate upon mandate of jabs that do not do what they were advertised to do must also be reviewed quickly. Real scientists, not political scientists need to get into those labs, get our tax dollars and do some real work to get us something that works to save the human race from this calamity called COVID. What the politicians and woke doctors are selling us is plainly not working as it ought to work. And we must begin to speak truth to power. They need to stop lying to us.

   Tell us the truth about the jabs. They are not vaccines in any real sense of that word. At best, they are great therapies that like all other therapeutics help us to manage the disease once we get it. In that sense, the so-called vaccines are still good for us. We need to take them, but not for the reasons the politicians and woke doctors tell us. We need to take them because they lessen our chances of hospitalization and death if and when we get COVID. So, they may actually be the best therapeutic medicine in our medicine cabinets at this time. Who wants to die if they get COVID? Not me! So, I am glad that I took my two jabs and will willingly take the third and the fourth knowing that they would not be doing for me what we were initially told, but that they would lessen my chances dying if I get COVID.

   So, as millions of cases of COVID are revealed on a daily basis, we need to get vaccinated while researchers and scientist get back into their labs to work on finding us a real vaccine against COVID-19.

   Perhaps we should quickly come to the conclusion that COVID-19 is here to stay. It is not going away anytime soon. In fact, the current version Omicron, since it seems to stay in the nasal passage and throat, rather than migrating to the lung as the older variants did, could be the blessing we were looking for. Getting this one may actually help the population to get natural immunity against the disease and thereby usher in herd immunity much quicker.

   Again, this non-medical person thinks that we need to declare COVID an EMDEMIC disease. The political scientists and the politicians should declare that the PANDEMIC is now over and that the Endemic is now with us. Then, we should be encouraged to use all precautions and therapeutic medicines that can combat inflammation to fight off the effects of the disease. While we use the existing medicines that practicing physicians all over the world tell us are working with their patients, we should also busy ourselves developing new medicines and certainly real vaccines to fight off this plague.

   President Biden might do well to declare the pandemic over while acknowledging that the disease will continue its spread during this period when its endemic. This way he can get out from the bind he is in regarding his managing of the disease that brought him into power, but which is now causing many to think that he is in over his head with a never-ending pandemic.

Peter Bramble
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