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U.S. Trade Rep. Katherine Tai, U.K. Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan tour Fearless headquarters on visit to Baltimore

As part of the ongoing United States-United Kingdom dialogues on the future of Atlantic trade, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai and United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan visit one of the region’s top technology companies in downtown Baltimore for a special, exclusive tour on March 22, 2022. 

   Fearless, a full stack digital services firm that specializes in building innovative cutting-edge software, is the largest software development company in the greater Baltimore region. The company hosted the dignitaries, who were later joined by Mayor Brandon Scott, for a tour of its headquarters facility located within the Power Plant Live complex.

Left to right) Mayor Brandon Scott, Fearless CEO Delali Dzirasa, United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai.  Photo: Courtesy of Fearless

   “The U.S./U.K. Dialogues on the Future of Atlantic Trade will explore how the United States and United Kingdom can collaborate to advance mutual international trade priorities rooted in our shared values, while promoting innovation and inclusive economic growth for workers and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic,” says a press release from the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

   “The trade ministers will use these events as they further deepen our important U.S-UK bilateral trade relationship and address our shared challenges and opportunities through discussions over the following months.”

   Fearless is Black-owned and is the largest software development company in the greater Baltimore region with nearly $60 million in revenue and 200 employees, and is a rapidly emerging leader in the delivery of digital solutions, particularly for various governmental agencies.

   “Ultimately, our vision is to create a world where software powers things that matter and this is just the beginning,” said Dzirasa, an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2021) for the Mid-Atlantic award winner.

   When the trade ministers,Tai and Trevelyan, arrived at Fearless, they were greeted with handshakes and smiles from Fearless CEO and founder Delali Dzirasa and a few of the company’s executives.

   Before the tour began, Dzirasa welcomed Tai and Trevelyan and explained the mission of Fearless, the purpose of the company’s studios and some of its minority-focused incubator programs. Tai and Trevelyan were accompanied by members of their offices for the visit.

Following Dzirasa’s remarks, the tour began with a look at Fearless’ scrum teams office where the rundown of DoD (definition of done) support, content management system and design initiatives were explained in detail by Fearless digital services manager Ryan Ganser.

   The tour’s second stop was the software infrastructure and automation room, where guests learned about the code deployment process and the systems that enable data to be handled properly. Over the course of the tour, trade ministers asked Delali and Fearless employees questions, such as government contracting.

   Next, visitors went to the testing lab where employees Alex De Los Reyes and Marques Jackson showed a testing demonstration then discussed how context-driven testing is facilitated and approached. 

   The company’s podcast room and brand & communications design lab were the next two destinations in the tour before everyone headed to the Hutch Workspace, perhaps the highlight of the day. The workspace, located on the facility’s bottom floor, incubates 20 companies and is changing the scope of diversity and inclusion in the technology industry.

   Hutch is Fearless’ incubator program that supports minority entrepreneurs. Tai, Trevelyan and Scott seemed intrigued with that portion of the tour in particular and exchanged ideas and acknowledgements with some of the business owners gathered at the workspace.

   Through dialogues with partners in the U.K., it was clear to Representative Tai that the U.S. and U.K. share fundamental values in regard to what’s important in the world, she said, adding that she anticipates “bringing the spirit of Fearless” to trade dialogues moving forward.

   “I am delighted to be able to bring Secretary Trevelyan and her team from the U.K. to Baltimore,” Tai said. “This tour through Fearless, getting to know the talent over in the Hutch incubator, the innovation that we see here, the connection between technology and people and community is inspiring to me in terms of what we’re trying to do in trade policy.” 

   The final stop was the Mural Conference Room in which Tai, Trevelyan and Fearless executives met for a brief discussion before the day concluded with a press conference in the lobby area.

   “Today, we had the opportunity to learn about one of our good companies here in Baltimore, Fearless, that is changing the world through software programming… it’s really about how we grow that, and how wo dothat in an inclusive way,” Scott said. 

   In addition to the tour, Fearless’ four core values: take initiative, create belonging, open dialogue and make an impact,  caught Trevelyan’s attention. She’ll be inviting Tai and her team to the U.K. this month to carry on the trade dialogues, she emphasized.

   “As I look at Fearless’s four values, I think we can do much with that,” she said. 

   “It’s so important understanding the digital world and making sure that it has the right values. Fearless [serves as] something here in Baltimore as that baseline from which we all want to make sure that we are building a better, stronger and safer world for our children.”

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