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Meet the 11-year-old Who Just Won a Grammy

An 11-year-old named Jayvyn Thwaites recently earned a Grammy Award for singing background vocals on an album called “A Colorful World.” The project won a Grammy Award in the Best Children’s Album category. Jayvyn was recognized with the music industry’s most prestigious recognition along with fellow children and an adult named Falguni (Falu) Shah.

The six grader’s parents – Shawn Thwaites and Sabreen Staples— are proud of their son who earned his first Grammy at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. It was held in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022.

“I couldn’t be more proud of you Jayvyn!!!!! Keep shining my beautiful son. This is only the beginning,” Staples wrote on her Facebook page.

Shawn told The Baltimore Times that Jayvyn is a math and basketball fan, but singing is his son’s passion that he has had since birth. Jayvyn is a student from Sacramento, Calif. Who attends David Lubin Elementary School. His participation in an award-winning project allowed him to showcase some of his musical talent with the help of a New Yorker.

“A Colorful World is by Falu Shah from India,” Shawn said. “Jayvyn sang backgrounds on three songs. The album was released November 2021. Lead vocals were by Falu.”

According to Shah’s Instagram account, she is described as an Indian “vocalist, composer and educator.” The Grammy winner thanked children who were a part of the album and her family. She also congratulated all Grammy nominees as she stood onstage with three boys who were decked out in tuxedos, including Jayvyn.

“Thank you to everyone who has made my dream of winning a GRAMMY a reality, and for giving so much love and appreciation to “A Colorful World,” Shah stated, per an Instagram post.

Shah added another post about the inspiration behind “A Colorful World.” She told a CNN-News18 journalist that she spoke to her young son about being happy with the color he was born. Shah was inspired while looking at a crayon box with various colors of crayons in them. In the story clip, she remarked that people should coexist in the world, despite differences such as religion and color.

In keeping with this theme, additional diversity is evident within the team who helped to bring “A Colorful World” to life. A music production studio called El Cerrito Records listed the album under the project section of their website. The California- based business consists of a GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY® winning production and engineering team, according to online information.

Beyond the reasons why celebrating diversity is important, a life lesson is underway. The joy that success brings is offering a student of color a chance to experience the reward of hard work paying off.

“Being a Grammy winner is amazing because some of my favorite artists won Grammys. To be there with them is an honor,” Jayvyn told The Baltimore Times.

Jayvyn added that he would like to be a professional basketball player when he grows up.  He offered a bit of advice for other kids who may consider using their talents at an early age.

“If you really put your mind to something, you can do whatever you wish,” Jayvyn said.

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