Now that school is back in session, some parents may resume a hunt for the best products to keep Afro textured hair moisturized for boys. From braids and flat top fades to buzz cuts, twists, and locks, keeping natural hair looking well-groomed is no longer only a must-do for girls and women who want to enhance waves and curls.

Miguel Coppedge is a 16-year-old speaker, philanthropist, and author from the District of Columbia. He began feeling challenged to keep his hair moisturized when he was 14 years old.

“I couldn’t really find a hair product that will work for me,” Miguel said. “I have curly hair, but it’s thicker curls, and I couldn’t find a hair product that enhanced my curls.”

After Miguel acknowledged his grooming plight, he developed a hair product called Krulle, which is pronounced “Kru la la.” It means Curls in Afrikaans, a West German language spoken in South Africa, according to Miguel’s website. It is designed to moisturize hair, enhance curls, and promote hair growth. The business name was trademarked in August of 2022. It was launched when Miguel was 15.

Miguel, who is CEO is Krulle, explained that the hair product can be for anyone to use, but he focuses on targeting men and boys who need moisturizer, since less products cater to them. Krulle may be applied to the hair before twisting, braiding, or even washing hair with it instead of shampoo. Some customers use it for their waves.

Miguel is now at the age where he wants to spruce himself up. However, the product has unisex appeal. Some women such as Keliah Love use it.

“I would give it a four out of five-star rating. The product itself is great,” Love said. “I have naturally thick hair which is accompanied by a tight curl pattern and makes it hard to style but with the help of the curling cream it was much easier to use while not needing to use too much of it to get a result.”

 Robin Williams, a resident of the District of Columbia, remarked that Krulle curl cream is one of the best she used on her hair. It makes her curls “pop” and the product keeps her hair moisturized.

“I am a huge fan and looking forward to purchasing another jar. I am so proud of Miguel and all of his accomplishments,” Williams said.

 The handcrafted product is produced with the help of Miguel’s mother, Yolanda Coppedge. She uses it herself when she twists her hair, or after braid removal. Miguel’s momager explained that her son was trying different products to enhance curls, but he was not having any success. The pair ultimately researched natural ingredients and essential oils that could stimulate the scalp, moisturize hair, and enhance curls. The product contains shea butter, but the mother and son team also add a touch they discovered.

“As far as the secret ingredient for the curling, Miguel he’s he has natural curls, but his curls are tight. So if he puts the product in his hair, especially when his hair is wet, and he rubs it in, it loosens up his curl. So, it depends on your hair texture,” Yolanda said.

Miguel is a teenager who also knows that some girls like guys with good hair.

“Krulle helps their self-esteem and their confidence in appearance when it comes to looking good,” Miguel said.

His mother is an entrepreneur who recently achieved earning her personal training license and a meditation license. She explained that her son created Krulle to help young men to be more confident and keep their hair neat. In addition, it is important for African American young boys to prevent thug stereotypes.

 Entrepreneurship and giving back to others remain important to Miguel.

“As a kid, it’s important for me because there’s not a lot of kid entrepreneurs in my area in D.C., so that’s kind of like a big plus for me,” Miguel said.

A $400 grant from Black Advancement Coalition in June helped Miguel to replenish material supplies to make his product. Miguel is known for other business ventures but acknowledged that he can change what he wants to do as a young entrepreneur. Selling the product in stores is something he wants to do next.

“If you don’t start giving these youth support, then they’ll start feeling defeated,” Yolanda said.

Visit to order Krulle. The product can be shipped throughout the U.S.

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