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Wes Moore Declared Maryland’s Next Governor

Wes Moore will become Maryland’s next governor, according to a race call by the Associated Press on November 8, 2022. He made history by becoming Maryland’s first Black governor. The Democrat defeated opposing Republican Dan Cox.

“My name is Wes Moore. The son of an immigrant. A combat veteran. A proud graduate of a junior college. And I’m fighting for a Maryland where we leave no one behind,” Moore tweeted on November 7, 2022.

Aruna Miller is now the lieutenant governor-elect. Moore stood at the podium speaking about an amazing night and journey after the results were reported. During Moore and Miller’s election night event, Moore thanked everyone who made the night happen, including volunteers who believed in him.

“And it’s because you believed that I stand here humbled and ready to become the 63rd governor of the state of Maryland.,” the governor-elect said.

An election eve rally was held at Bowie State University in Bowie, Md. to give Moore a final push. U.S. president Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden joined Moore, who is a political newcomer.

The crowd erupted when the president encouraged voters to select Moore when the time came to make an official choice for governor.

“He will be a great and historic governor of Maryland.,” Biden said. “They’ll remember him.”

The president referred to Moore as “the real deal.” Moore underscored that Md. would be a state that would leave no one behind if he was elected to become the next governor. He remarked that he could not wait to partner with Biden and the Biden-Harris administration. Moore referenced upholding abortion access; fighting inflation; and fighting to grow the economy.

“These are uncertain times because we know that there are families who are struggling to put food on the table. That people simply want to feel safe in their own communities, in their own homes, and in their own skin. We know that these can be uncertain times for families who want to make sure that their children are going to a safe and a quality public school,” Moore also said at the rally.

The governor-elect referenced a reporter who asked about his team’s aggressive campaign style.

“The first reason why we continue to campaign so aggressively is this: This is how I plan on governing aggressively, with urgency, and across every part of the state, so get used to it,” Moore said, foreshadowing his leadership style.

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