Jessica T. Fauntleroy recalls growing up in the 800 block of West Fayette Street near the former Lexington Terrace projects in the 1990s and early 2000s with her maternal grandmother. 

“In the 1980s, I lived in Sandtown-Winchester in various places with my mother and younger brother. We were essentially ‘homeless.’ We lived with various family members until eventually my brother and I were placed in the custody of my maternal grandmother,” Fauntleroy said.

Jessica T. Fauntleroy, owner of Restoring Destiny Mental Health Services serves individuals ages 16 and up. Fauntleroy, also the visionary CEO of J’elle Inspires, runs a multimedia agency that creates content for assisting young people and their families with coping with the impact of emotional trauma in their communities.
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Born in 1982, she wears multiple hats as a millennial mom of two teenage daughters and a twelve-year-old son. Fauntleroy persevered and became a licensed social worker who earned her  bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University and a master’s in social work from Howard University. The Southwest Baltimore resident offers individual therapy services including diagnosis and treatment through her company, Restoring Destiny Mental Health Services, LLC (RDMHS). 

“We also provide referrals for other supportive services like case management, housing services and psychiatric medication management,” Fauntleroy said, also mentioning that she currently only offers virtual services. “It is important to see professional help if stress is impacting you in your personal or professional life.”

Fauntleroy reflected on being reared in a West Baltimore community ravaged by drugs, poverty and violence. The experience inspired her to pursue a career in social work and launch RDMHS in 2018.

“I lost an incredible amount of peers to violence and incarceration between the ages of 18-23 years old. It impacted my worldview and made me want to contribute to improving our community,” Fauntleroy said.

Memory of life in Sandtown of the 1980s until her family moved conjured recollections of love and having access to family and friends. But observing open-air drug markets, seeing family members impacted by addiction and drug dealing are also a part of Fauntleroy’s recollections. 

“I struggled with a significant amount of childhood trauma and stress throughout my childhood and youth, secondary to my family and environment,” Fauntleroy said.

Fauntleroy is an example of resilience that is nestled betwixt Baltimore’s streets and the family challenges of some residents. The eminently qualified mental health services professional possesses relatable experiences to a population that can identify with childhood stress and the heaviness of tough, urban life. The importance of working with a clinician that “speaks your language,” enables an individual to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the clinician, according to Fauntleroy.

“I created Restoring Destiny to be a safe space for individuals in our communities who have struggled with many of the social issues that have impacted the quality of life of our residents for numerous generations. We provide evidence-based, empowerment-focused, client-centered, trauma-informed mental health services to Baltimoreans,” Fauntleroy said.

Fauntleroy also addresses trauma as an author of three transformational memoirs and one children’s book. 

“J’elle Inspires is a multimedia agency that I started in 2017 to release my books, blogs and entertainment-related content through. We create content that assists young people and their families with coping with the impact of emotional trauma in their communities,” Fauntleroy said.

While exhibiting multifaceted talents, a collaborative mindset is a part of Fauntleroy’s wellness approach. Darren Rogers, CEO of his company, Steps 2Wards Success (S2WS) is engaged in a strategic partnership with RDMHS. 

Fauntleroy added, “I worked with Darren Rogers through J’elle Inspires during the pandemic doing trauma education workshops online for parents of children in his male mentoring program, ‘I Am Mentality.’” 

S2WS, a psychiatric rehabilitation program serving youth and adults in Baltimore, Maryland, is a nonprofit organization.

Rogers stated that RDMHS supports his agency “by providing therapy services, and timely therapy intakes for participants to ensure their needs are met.” Rogers further explained that S2WS shares over twenty participants with RDMHS. S2WS supports RDMHS by providing case management, community-based intervention for rehabilitation goals created by Jessica and her team. The partnership has existed for a little over two years, according to Rogers.

“We see RDMHS as one the best therapy providers in Baltimore City and we deem it a pleasure to work with Jessica Fauntleroy. Steps 2Wards’ mission is centered in ensuring our participants receive relevant, collaborative and person-centered programming. RDMHS’ team has relevant clinicians that collaborate with our teams to ensure that we provide the highest quality of services. Clients can become inconsistent with therapy and PRP (psychiatric rehabilitation program sessions), but due to the collaboration we are able to keep participants stable in both programs resulting in healthier families,” Rogers said.

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