Young men are not always given equal attention by the beauty industry, although Black shoppers are a growing consumer group.

“By 2024, the buying power of the U.S. Black population is set to reach $1.8 trillion. Yet despite this, their needs are still not being met by many beauty and personal care brands,” according to NielsenIQ, the world’s leading consumer intelligence company.

Cora and Stefan Miller became proactive about providing quality hair care options for males who need to style and properly care for textured hair.

The Young King Hair Care Core Collection. Young King Hair Care is plant-based and boy-inspired.
Photo courtesy of Young King Hair Care

The Millers founded plant-based Young King Hair Care with a mission “to shake up the beauty industry by redefining male grooming for the next generation of multicultural men, giving them the confidence needed to be their best selves 24/7/365,” according to Cora, Young King Hair Care’s founder, CEO and Chief Do-Gooder.

The Millers want Black and brown young men to celebrate and love their crowns confidently. Additionally, changing the narrative of how the world sees young men of color, who the Millers also call “young kings,” remains important to them.

The Young King Hair Care Core Collection. Young King Hair Care is plant-based and boy-inspired.
Photo courtesy of Young King Hair Care

“We’re here for Black and brown young men who strive to be authentically themselves, from their classrooms to their communities and everywhere in between,” Cora said.

Stefan, co-founder and CMO (chief marketing officer) of Young King Hair Care works with his wife in Atlanta. The company was founded in 2019. It was inspired by Kade, Cora and Stefan’s own “young king” who is now six and a half years old.

“Kade was born with a head full of hair that sent us down the baby hair care aisles sooner than most. We quickly discovered there was little out there for boys and for Kade, and right after he turned one was when we decided to take the initial steps of building Young King,” Cora said. “I firmly believe you should see yourself in the products that you use, which is why I was so surprised to discover that there were no products specifically designed for curly-headed young men.”

Cora said that she spent a great deal of time looking for natural hair products that weren’t female scented and designed. Her search left her empty-handed. Creating products for young men with textured hair became a passion for the first-time mother who decided to retire from her corporate job.

Now is an ideal time to serve the needs of African Americans in the beauty and grooming sector.

NielsenIQ Omnishopper also reported that “hair care is the top category for Black consumers, with approximately $2.29B in annual sales.”

Cora explained that running Young King Hair Care comes with various requirements, such as “quickly recognizing the importance of adaptability.”

Cora added, “The market and customer preferences are constantly evolving, and to stay relevant, we must be willing to adapt our products, strategies and approach. Listening to customer feedback and staying attuned to industry trends have been instrumental in our success.”

Stefan pointed out that he and his wife’s company provides a premium, plant-based hair product line specifically for young males. Young King Hair Care provides plant-based offerings that include ingredients such as grapeseed oil, argan oil, shea butter and rosemary, instead of including harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and mineral oils.

“We believe creating clean, moisturizing products focused on hair health and growth as part of a simple, regimented approach would underscore the importance of self-care and grooming for boys at early age, while instilling the confidence they need to present their best selves every day,” Stefan said. “One of our primary business goals is for Young King to be known as the solution to address such struggles by providing holistic grooming solutions, resources and tools that promote self-confidence, self-care and self-love for young men of color.”

Cora stated that the Young King Royal Treatment set, which includes a leave-in conditioner, essential oils and curling cream, continues to be a bestseller. 

While back-to-school lists may include backpacks and school supplies to fill them, setting boys and young men up to feel confident and well groomed should include encouraging “young kings” to properly groom their hair and take care of their bodies.

Cora reminded that it is important for “young kings” to keep their hair moisturized to prevent dryness, breakage and stimulate hair growth with essential vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, the company’s skincare line helps to address specific concerns like acne and hyperpigmentation.

“When self-care starts early, a skillset is developed to last a lifetime,” Stefan said.

Learn more about Young King Hair Care by visiting Products are also sold at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

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