Footage of the late music icon and entertainer, Prince (Rogers Nelson), was discovered in Minneapolis’s WCCO news station’s archives. The 52-year-old clip shows Nelson as an 11-year-old young boy, according to a story provided by WCCO- CBS in Minnesota.    

A reporter interviewed youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota while teachers picketed near a school in 1970, during an educator’s strike. One boy replied to a question asking if most kids were in favor of the picketing.

“And I think they should get some more money, because they be working extra hours for us and all that stuff,” the unnamed child said, speaking up in support of educators.

YouTube video

 After investigation was initiated by WCCO’s Production Manager, Matt Liddy, the child in the clip turned out to be Prince. Kristen Zschomler –who is a professional historian— verified that she believed that the boy in the photo is the late star. She compared a sixth-grade photo, which was the same year the strike was captured, according to WCCO’s report.

The investigation continued with Terrance Jackson verifying Prince’s identity. Jackson was identified as Prince’s former friend and neighbor.

 “That is Prince! Standing right there with the hat on, right? That’s Skipper! Oh my God!” Jackson said, after viewing the old footage.

During the news interview, Jackson added that Prince was a phenomenal guitar and keyboard player, even at the age of eleven.

WCCO’s  surprising footage unearths memories of Prince and his personality traits. American ballet dancer, Misty Copeland made appearances in a Prince video and live performances, according to the men’s magazine, GQ.  In an article, Copeland mentioned that Prince never called from a recognizable phone number. He also was known to speak in various accents. 

“Sometimes I’d be, “Who is this?” It would go on for a while, and then finally he’d laugh and it would be him, Copeland once told GQ.

Prince is often regarded as an irreplaceable and mysterious musical genius who left the world too soon. CNN reported that the well- loved musician passed away from an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2016.  After Prince’s demise, the icon’s funding for a school was discovered by WCCO. Prince quietly contributed to charitable causes, per CNN’s account. 

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