Dr. Constance Craig-Mason is a financial advisor with a passion for money talk and improving financial literacy.

“I have worked in the financial industry for nearly 15 years,” the resident of York, Pennsylvania said. 

Craig-Mason was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. The master registered financial consultant attained an honorary doctorate in philosophy for making eminent contributions to financial literacy, financial advancement and entrepreneurship empowerment.  

Most recently, Craig-Mason continued her journey to empower BIPOC families and small business owners while serving as the visionary for “Money TALK$: Uncut Convos With Financial Experts on How to Grow, Leverage and Protect Your Assets Vol III.” The collaborative book that encourages readers to take control of their financial future launched in late October 2023. It features 24 accomplished Black financial thought-leaders who offer financial wisdom and empowerment. Craig-Mason mentioned that Les Brown, a renowned motivational speaker, penned the foreword of the book.  

“Inside the pages, they [readers] will learn how to navigate the financial world confidently, how to manage their assets and debts like a pro and how to infuse tradition and innovation for success.” 

The book also helps readers establish a $1,000 emergency savings. 

“Bankrate’s 2023 annual emergency savings report, reflects that 57 percent of adult Americans cannot handle a $1,000 emergency. Unfortunately, this makes them vulnerable to unexpected crises,” Craig-Mason said. “By partnering with Advantage Publishing, we customized the Paycheck Power BOOSTER® Calculator, adding it as an option to grab along with the “Money TALK$ Vol III” book, thereby creating the “Money TALK$ Emergency Savings Challenge & Tool Kit.” 

The tool kit offers step-by-step guidance and an easy-to-use calculator. An exclusive Facebook Group called “Money TALK$: Uncut Convos & Savings Challenge Community” enables participants to connect with fellow challengers and gain insights from the authors. 

Ashlin Price is a Baltimore-based, licensed master social worker, financial literacy consultant and financial social worker contributed to the book.

Ashlin Price
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“A financial social worker empowers individuals to examine their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to evaluate financial behavior of spending, saving, sharing, earning, and borrowing money to build generational wealth,” Price said, adding that financial social workers create a safe space for communication regarding finance.

Through her business, Financial Freedom Enterprises, LLC, Price provides financial consultant services to communities and organizations that need financial education and strategic planning to improve their personal and professional finances. 

Price provided a noteworthy comment about the importance of discussing debt before couples get married and afterward.  

“It creates a space of autonomy to allow the other partner to make the decision whether they want to accept that part of the person or not (premarital)  and it fosters a place of open communication to learn about your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Couples should make it a part of their routine to sit down together and discuss shared finances,” Price said.

Robin Haynes, who has worked in the financial industry for 24 years, is another “Money TALK ”coauthor. She earned a B.S. in Accounting from Morgan State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies. Haynes also holds a designation as a registered financial consultant®, serves as a business advisor and financial strategist for Robin R. Haynes Consulting and  business advisor for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business – Baltimore. Haynes works with business owners to identify their needs and aid them.

Robin R. Haynes
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“For businesses to get involved with this particular program, I encourage them to visit the website https://www.10ksbapply.com/. Here, the business owner(s) will find an in-depth overview of the program as well as eligibility,” Haynes said.

She added that if the individual has realistic goals along with strategies that will be implemented, starting a business can be a realistic way to grow financially and create generational wealth over time.

Haynes further explained that at some point during the business life cycle, a business owner may need additional capital to facilitate their growth.  

“When that time arrives, the business owner must be bankable. Being bankable simply means all financials components are intact (financial statements, business tax returns, and most importantly, the business owner’s personal financial picture which includes credit), Haynes said.

She further stated that the book helps the reader reshape their mindset as it relates to their finances.  

Haynes added, “Whether the reader is a consumer trying to understand and navigate through their personal financial space, or a business owner trying to better understand how to unlock financial clarity as it relates to business, this book provides in-depth insight and guidance.”  

Purchase “Money TALK$: Uncut Convos With Financial Experts on How to Grow, Leverage and Protect Your Assets Vol III” via https://a.co/d/4MyYC6t, or www.moneytalkschallenge.com  to purchase both the Paycheck Power BOOSTER® Calculator and the book.

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