In honor of Veterans Day, The Baltimore Times would like to pay tribute to all who have served. Thank you for your service. Here are a few of our local heroes:

  1. STAFF SERGEANT ALFRED BLACKSTONE, SR. |United States Air Force Annapolis, Maryland | Senior Munitions Specialist | *Deceased
  2. NELVIN CHAMBERS, JR. | United States Army | Prince George’s County Sharpshooter
  3. MICHAEL BLACKSTONE | United States Army | Baltimore County Stationed at Fort Dix, Fort Sill and Fort Jackson
  4. LARRY WHITE, SR. | United States Navy | Anne Arundel | County IT Specialist
  5. KIRBY JOSEPH MCKINNEY | Sr. United States Army Hometown: Annapolis | Maryland Driver for the general and corporal | Deceased
  6. JAMES A. ANDERSON | United States Air Force | Anne Arundel County Morse Intercept Code and Ground Radio Operator | Rank: Airman First Class, A1C
  7. HAKI S. AMMI | United States Navy | Baltimore, Maryland | Personnelman 3rd class
  8. SSG (R) DENISE L. BULLOCK | United States Army | Glen Burnie, Maryland Administrative Specialist
  9. DELORES DUNCAN-WHITE | United States Navy Anne Arundel County Commander
  10. DEBRA WYLIE | United States Army | Severn, Maryland Sergeant | Major in Human Resources

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