Looking to serve-up a fried turkey on Thanksgiving, but don’t want to be “gobbled up” trying to cook it yourself? Well Chef Big Shake Shawn Davis says he has you covered! Chef Davis, creator of restaurant franchise Big Shakes Hot Chicken and of Shark Tank fame is also known for his famous deep-fried turkeys, and they are available for delivery through a partnership with DoorDash. 

“During Thanksgiving time, it was natural to fry turkeys just like we fry chicken,” said Chef Big Shake,” who estimates he has fried over 10,000 turkeys of varying flavors. “The customers loved it so much that we just continued to do it every year.”

According to Chef Big Shake, his fried turkeys are tender and juicy on the inside and just the right amount of crispy on the outside.

“The turkeys we offer this year are 14-18 pounds,” said the Bay Shore, Long Island native. “Make sure you compare size if you are shopping around. We also inject and season our turkeys to ensure the perfect flavor. If you are a ‘spicy person,’ you’ll love our heat infused options. Try CryBaby® (mild) or Rambo which is on the hotter side. If ‘spicy; isn’t your thing, go for our Classic or Garlic Parmesan.”

For those opting to fry their own Thanksgiving turkey, Chef Big Shake offered these safety tips to avoid explosions or other incidents.

“The most important element in making the perfect turkey is being alive at the end to enjoy it -safety first!” he said. “Make sure you start with a flat level surface. You need to be at least fifteen feet away from your home or other structures. Be sure that your turkey is not still frozen and completely thawed. Do not overfill your fryer with oil.

“Additionally, wear goggles to protect your eyes and gloves to protect your hands. Last and most importantly, have a grease-rated fire extinguisher nearby. Do not use water! If you’re sure you have   all that down, consider injecting your turkey for the best flavor! Even better, order a Turkey from me and I’ll handle the work.”

Chef Big Shake started cooking in a professional kitchen when he was 

12-years-old. In just seven years in his seasonal position, he had worked his way from up from dishwasher to head chef. He explained how he got his name “Big Shake.”

“When I was a teenager and finally promoted from dishwasher to the line, I was nervous at first and my hands would shake,” he recalled. “The kitchen staff, who were like family, gave me the name Big Shake.”

From 1989 to 1991, Chef Big Shake attended Norfolk State University in Virginia, where he studied Hotel and Restaurant Management. Years later and married to his wife Robin, their then 10-year-old daughter, received a pamphlet at school promoting vegetarianism. When she got home, the youngster declared that she wanted to eliminate all meats, except seafood from her diet. Hence, Chef Big Shake’s first creation, the ‘Original Shrimp Burger,’ was born. In May 2011, Chef Big Shake appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, giving his shrimp burgers and the company national exposure. 

“It’s been a journey I am grateful for,” said Chef Big Shake on life after Shark Tank. “I continue to receive support from the show’s viewers, and I cannot calculate the number of opportunities that have come my way due to my appearance on the show.”

Chef Big Shake said his turkeys are available year-round, but if you are looking to have one for Thanksgiving, it’s best to order right away. 

“If customers have space in their freezers, they should order now to ensure that we don’t sell out,” he said. “If they do not have space, our last available shipping date will be November 20. Your turkey will arrive frozen on Wednesday just in time to thaw and reheat. All the prep is already done. You will just place your turkey in the oven to reheat. All items come with instructions.

“To order, customers can visit the Big Shake’s Hot Chicken – Thanksgiving Pop-Up via the Shipping carousel on DoorDash and select the Deep-Fried Turkey. Orders will be packed and shipped in a reusable cooler and once delivered, all you have to do is follow the simple preparation instructions, pop it in the oven, and enjoy!”

His Deep Fried and Smoked Turkeys cost $129 and come in a variety of flavors. He said that sides are also available as an add-on option. 

The successful entrepreneur offered this Thanksgiving message: “Reflect on the past two years we all just experienced and be grateful for the family and friends that are still here. Make sure you tell people you love them as often as possible. These are times when families and friends have to stick together more than ever. Celebrate everyday like it will be your last. Be grateful every day you have a chance to see the sun again.”

To order or for more information, visit https://www.doordash.com/store/big-shake%E2%80%99s-thanksgiving-turkeys—-only-on-doordash-san-francisco-2456140/

Ursula V. Battle
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