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Walk Maryland Logo
Walk Maryland Logo Courtesy Photo/Maryland Department of Health

Baltimore— The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) celebrated the 7th Annual Walk Day Maryland with an outdoor walk around the State Center and community walks across the State.

Walk Maryland Day is a celebration of our state’s official exercise, and a call to action to promote walking for physical activity and improved health. Statewide, walk leaders and their “sole mates ” (participants on their teams) registered for 41 free community walks as part of a larger multi-agency “Walktober” initiative promoting fitness and

“The pandemic has helped highlight the importance of walking—not only for physical health, but for mental health as well,” said MDH Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services Dr. Jinlene Chan. “Walking is a free, accessible exercise that can be done safely. Just a few minutes a day provides so many health benefits.”

For more information about Walk Maryland Day, visit https://health.maryland.gov/phpa/ccdpc/WalkMD/Pages/WalkMDAbout.aspx

For more information about Maryland’s efforts to prevent chronic disease, visit https://health.maryland.gov/phpa/ccdpc.

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About 50 Maryland State employees gathered at 300 W. Preston Street for a short presentation and walk.
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Dr. Jinlene Chan
MDH Deputy Secretary for Public Health Dr. Jinlene Chan speaking about the importance of regular exercise for good health.

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