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PNC Bank to Hold 10th Annual Women in Business Week Virtual Event Aims To Engage Female Financial Decision Makers

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Are you ready for a wealth of information about managing your finances, education about women’s suffrage, an opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a primer on the growing esports industry, along with fitness activities and yoga —all for free?

Well grab your laptop, tablet or other device and register for PNC’s Bank’s Women in Business Week. The annual event will take place Sept. 14 – 18, 2020, and will provide female financial decision makers – from business owners and executives to women who may be managing their finances for the first time – with an opportunity to glean valuable insights for themselves, their families and businesses

The virtual event will feature a dynamic lineup of inspirational speakers including Ellen Latham, founder of Orangetheory Fitness, and Shellye Archambeau, author of “Unapologetically Ambitious.”

Laura Gamble
Courtesy Photo Laura Gamble, Regional President of PNC Bank, Greater Maryland.

“This is our tenth Women in Business Week,” said Gamble. “In the prior nine years, it was different because we were not in a pandemic. We usually have the event in May. However, this year, we postponed it. That provided us with a great opportunity to expand it as well. Essentially, we will have a great speaker and presentation each day of the event.”

Attendees will hear from experts, entrepreneurs, and authors, and have an opportunity to meet PNC senior leaders who are playing a critical role in driving diversity, inclusion and gender and racial equity across the bank.

While the event seeks to connect with and better support its female customers and other female financial decision makers, Gamble stressed the events are open to everyone, including but not limited to PNC customers.

“We always like to highlight our customers who are women and tailor programs we find useful, informative and fun,” said Gamble. “It’s really just a way to engage our customers who are women, and those who are not yet our customers, but are interested in this outreach. We want people to see PNC is serious about doing business with women. That’s what we hope people can get from this. Males are also welcome.”

Laquicha Brown, BerriesbyQuicha
Courtesy Photo LaQuicha Brown, owner of BerriesbyQuicha, during Mind Your Business. The event is one of many sponsored by PNC Bank to provide women with financial wellness tools.

The event is among many of PNC Bank’s Women’s Business Development efforts, aimed at providing women with timely, interesting and informative programs, enabling them to build on the banking relationships that are essential to financial wellness.

PNC is a sponsor of ATHENAPowerLink® Baltimore, a yearlong mentorship program headquartered at Towson University, designed to assist women entrepreneurs with their business. The bank is also a sponsor of Mind Your Business, a Times Community Services/The Baltimore Times event aimed at empowering current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Other efforts include PNC Bank’s Women Business Advocates (WBAs) Program.

“The Women Business Advocates Program has been in effect at PNC for 10 years now,” said Gamble. “It is a process by which anyone at PNC can take our training and get a Women Business Advocate’s certificate. It helps employees know how to best communicate with business financial decision makers and teaches them how they don’t want to engage with someone.”


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