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Baltimore Business Owner Shares Her ‘Gift’ of Crocheting and Card Designs

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Constance Mann-Leonard
Creations by Constance Mann-Leonard, owner, GIRGI (God’s Ideas Are Good Ideas, Ltd. (Courtesy Photo)

Constance Mann-Leonard has a message for young women who aspire to open their own businesses.

“Make sure that you are doing something that drives you, something that is your passion,” said Mann-Leonard, who owns GIRGI— or God’s Ideas Are Good Ideas, Ltd.

“I think everyone going into business should do what they love, don’t do it for money, the money will follow,” Mann-Leonard insisted. “And do it whether someone else approves or not.”

The New York state native who moved to Baltimore years ago will present as one of the vendors in the Baltimore Maker Marketplace at Coppin State University’s Tawes Center. The event, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 18, 2021, will feature products made and sold by Baltimore-based businesses.

The Baltimore Makers Marketplace is presented by Times Community Services, Inc. and The Baltimore Times in collaboration with Fulton Bank; The Baltimore Development Corporation; Coppin State University Center for Strategic Entrepreneurship; and MCB Real Estate, LLC.

Mann-Leonard, who holds crocheting as a hobby, sells unique products through her company, GIRGI. Her crotchet designs include sweaters, hats, and even stuffed animals.

“I come up with my own designs. I also learned how to read a crochet pattern,” said Mann-Leonard, who creates unique greeting cards utilizing broken jewelry. “I create 3-D Flower Cards and “Bling Cards.”

“It was an idea that came to me to put flowers on a card. Then God showed me the perfect way to put flowers on a card. I also had a business where a person could give me a list of their family’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events for the entire year.”

“I would mail a 3-D Flower card from that client. People would tell me they would open those cards and never put them back in the envelope. I also create 3-D Christmas Cards. The idea to start designing Bling Cards came after attending a convention.”

Mann-Leonard insists that her creations come from a special gift she has. She said it’s important that she share her gift with the world.

“Most of us don’t know what our gifts are,” Mann-Leonard remarked. “Some of us think that our gifts have to be extraordinary. Some people have the gift of charm, the gift of gab. My gift is that I create. I have a lot of inventory, so I create from myself. It puts me in a place of peace.”

To learn more about GIRGI and Mann-Leonard’s creations, visit www.girgiunlimiated.com.

For more information about the Baltimore Makers Marketplace, call 410-366- 3900 ext. 3022. To apply to be a vendor at the Baltimore Maker Marketplace event, visit https://bit.ly/B2Mvapp.

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Crochet Dress
Courtesy photo

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card design
courtesy photo
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Purple Mouse
Courtesy photo
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