Darryl Drake reflected on working in his mother’s clothing store and later becoming a door-to-door salesman before landing a job in direct sales and network marketing – experiences that would help shape the course of his entrepreneurial life. 

   “I used to work at my mom’s clothing store growing up in the neighborhood,” said Drake, who is a native of San Bernardino, California,. “So, I knew all the people in the community. I always ended up having good conservations with people. I’ve always been a people person. I’ve always enjoyed people, and was always a talking, inquisitive, genuine person.”

   He continued, “During my teenage life, I went door-to-door selling alarm systems. I was knocking on one hundred doors a day, dealing with rejection and other obstacles. I did that for about two years, and then I got into direct sales and network marketing with a company. I was about nineteen and made my first six figures that year.”

   After nearly nine years of helping to grow the health and wellness company to $600 million in sales, 

Drake ultimately “cashed-in” on his people skills and used his “asset” to become a millionaire at the age of 27. Today, the 35-year-old Drake is an entrepreneur, investor, and author, and says he is dedicated to helping millennials learn the secrets to wealth and investments. He is the creator of “Tha Vibez.”   

   Through the movement, Drake mentors others by sharing his secrets to success and innovation. Drake is teaching his tribe of about 100,000 members how to monetize off cryptocurrency, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), and Forex (Foreign Exchange).

   Cryptocurrency is a digital, encrypted, and decentralized medium of exchange, while NFTs are financial securities consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain, a form of distributed ledger. A blockchain is a growing list of records called ‘blocks’ that are securely linked together using cryptography. Forex is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies. 

   “I just want people to be educated and let them know this is what’s next,” said Drake referring to the financial world of cryptocurrency, NFTs and Forex. “My main purpose is economic elevation. I want to educate and help us as people to stay ahead of the curve. Everything I do is an extension of that purpose. That includes my credit education courses, which are completely free. I started a credit repair company back in 2013, and we have served thousands of people.”

   Drake has a website called repairforfree.com, which he started in 2021. 

   “Inside that platform, I have tools, videos, and resources to help you repair your credit,” said Drake. “That’s another way I am trying to elevate.”

   Drake offers success coaching, mentoring, and training programs to inspire others for financial independence and entrepreneurship. He has also established the Darryl Drake Foundation as a means of contributing to aspiring inner-city entrepreneurs. He has a lifetime goal to contribute $100 million towards philanthropic opportunities tied to the underserved entrepreneurial community.

   “I’ve had my foundation since 2012, and it has been hyper-focused on the community” said Drake. “I was born and raised in San Bernardino, California, and I have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years to different programs there.”  

   The young, self-made millionaire talked about his keys to success.

   “I’m no different than the average person,” said Drake. “It’s just my level of belief and consistency. I just continue to show up where most people give up. I don’t get bored easily. I can do the same thing over and over again until the work is over. That is why I excel.”

   He added, “I see people flipping houses, and I see people selling stuff online. I see things popping up all the time. But I started my course and I stay focused. And when it’s all said and done, I think a person can be defined more by what they can resist. I think that when you start to kind of catch your slope, it’s more challenging to stay focused than anything else. And so yes, I am most proud of my ability to stick to one thing.”

   Drake shared this analogy for success. 

   “I’m a student of what I do. If this were formal education, I would have my PhD, as far as hours and really understanding the science behind this whole financial thing. I really do like this. I think that sometimes people come into industries, and they may like it for whatever reason, but they don’t want to pull back the layers and really learn and develop to be the best. If I were to put a visual to it, it would be a gym. If I were required to be in that gym eight hours a day doing an intense workout to be the best, I would be there.”

   To learn more about Darryl Drake, follow him on Instagram under @Darryldrake and @Coachdarryldrake. 

Ursula V. Battle
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