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Friday, January 27, 2023

Reparations, Reparations and More Reparations!

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that the Joe Biden Administration is currently contemplating offering reparations to illegal immigrants who were separated at the border in the amount of $450,000.00 each. So then, a mother and father with two children would get almost $2 million dollars for the family. Can you believe that our government is prepared to pay people who have broken the law (criminals) that amount of money because they claim that they experienced “psychological pain and trauma” because of the separation?

     Americans who broke the law and are arrested and taken to jail are de facto separated from their children and family. The children will no doubt experience some psychological trauma in seeing their dad carted off to jail. Are they also to get $450,000.00 for the trauma caused by this separation? If so, thousands of black men who have been separated from their children when they broke the law, need to be compensated. And because they are American citizens, and not illegal aliens, they need to be paid at least twice as much as the money that is offered to people who have no right to be in the country.

    The “woke” Americans seem to be guided by flawed thinking. How could anyone conclude that it is legal to reward illegals for breaking our laws?

     There are laws, already on the books, controlling how immigrants qualify to legally enter the country. I know, because I followed those laws in order to become an American citizen. Before getting a visa, I needed to get a medical that included blood tests, chest x-rays and an actual physical examination by a medical doctor of the American Embassy’s choosing. For people who go the legal route, a medical exam is required and not from any old doctor-—only doctors approved by the Embassy. Then, a police report from all jurisdictions in which the would-be immigrant recently lived was also required. Failure to follow these procedures guaranteed rejection of a visa by the American Embassy.

     Of late, it seems as though all these laws which were put in place to safeguard the country from disease and crime have been discarded. Under the present administration of Joe Biden, anyone can walk across the border without a medical examination or criminal police report and be immediately considered entitled to large cash settlements if they are apprehended and placed in custody that required their being separated because they must go to a different facility because of their sex or because children are not detained in adult facilities. This is insanity on steroids!

     Then, it has been reported that the award contemplated for these illegals exceeds the amount that is paid to families who lost a soldier in battle. Imagine this for a moment. An all-American son or daughter sent off to fight for the country loses his or her life and is by law awarded less money for their permanent separation from their families than what is promised to illegals who are temporally separated at the border after an illegal crossing. There is something massively wrong with this picture.

     The reason that is given for the massive award to illegal families is that they have suffered “psychological and emotional trauma.” Got that one? Reparation for “psychological and emotional trauma” must be paid to people who deliberately broke our laws.

      If that logic meets legal and moral modern standards, then many other people who suffered much worse “psychological and emotional trauma” at the hand of the American government, need to be compensated.

     Coming immediately to mind is the need for REPARATIONS FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS who have suffered much more than psychological and emotional trauma over a very long period of time. And they did not break any law. By the count of the woke leaders and trend setters, the trauma of black people in America began in the year 1619 and to this day has not stopped. Critical Race Theory, promoted by the woke thinkers of today, says that the problem is on-going and everlasting. Wow! And so, using the logical reasoning of those who say that such pain and trauma must be financially paid for, we know that reparations for black people must be coming next.

     Therefore, the cry must go forward reminding us that no people have suffered as much trauma as blacks in America. CRT teaches that. And now, reparations must be paid out to blacks if reparations are to go to illegal aliens for their temporary trauma.

     Who must now lead the fight for reparations for the past and continued suffering of African Americans? Who is best positioned to lead this fight in our government? I have the answer.

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