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Baltimore Festivals are Jumping!

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Louis S. Diggs and Rosa Pryor Trusty
Just look who I had the opportunity and honor to pose with at the BaltJust look who I had the opportunity and honor to pose with at the Baltimore County African American Cultural Festival last week among many other of my fans, the one and only Louis S. Diggs, born April 13, 1932, in Baltimore and is an African- American writer and historian specializing in the African-American legacy. His work illuminates the historic past of its Black communities. In addition, Diggs has published on Baltimore African-American military records from the American Civil War and the Maryland Army National Guard. Photo by Anderson Ward

Hello my dear friends. I hope my words will find you in good health, happy and having fun. Speaking of having fun, my Boo-Boo and I just got back from our vacation. We drove to Irmo, South Carolina, a little town in Columbia to visit our son, Keith Hendricks and his wife as well as our other son, Kelvin Atkinson who live in Ocean City, New Jersey. Kelvin flew down there a week before we got there, and it was absolutely wonderful.

Being with our sons and daughter-in-law out of town was just what the doctor ordered after being in the house for over a year and a half. We thank God for bringing us back safely and with no incidents. As soon as I got back last week, I realized that the festivals were jumping up and down like James Brown. I was so excited! But remember folks, please wear your mask, no matter whether you are outdoors or indoors. If people are less than six feet from you it is still dangerous.

I have already been to a couple, but so far, my favorite is the Baltimore County African American Cultural Festival. It was really nice. The entertainment was awesome— there were many vendors all over the courtyard. We wanted to see more than we did, but our back and knees just wouldn’t let us. Okay no more about the past festivals. This is what’s coming up; check this out.

The Chesapeake Arts Center is hosting an outdoor concert for the whole family to enjoy on Thursday, September 23, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Well! That is not long at all, I mean by the time they set their stuff up, it will be time to take the duck-plucking thing down; Terrible situation! Well, anyhow! It will be held at the Chesapeake Arts Center, 194 Hammonds Lane, Brooklyn Park, Maryland. There will be a lineup at this outdoor concert for the whole family to enjoy and it’s free! Take your blankets or lawn chairs, a picnic basket, some desert, not that you will have time to eat or drink it before you have to leave. You will hear the Island Breeze Band providing you with a mix of Hawaiian, classic rock, pop, country and reggae music. They are really very good.

We have another outdoor concert for you at the Corner Community Center, 5802 Roland Avenue in Baltimore on Saturday, September 25, 2021, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Here you can enjoy listening and dancing to music of the 1920s and 1930s with special guest host, Johnathan Palevsky form WBJC. The 12- piece band specializes in early jazz and dance tunes from 1920 to 1935. Music conducted by Jari Villanueve and Lynn Summerall. If this is your thing, then enjoy. Well at least it will last more than an hour. OH! Did I tell you that this is also free and open to the public?

No! No! Sweetie, I am not finished yet. There is more— another free musical event given by the Chesapeake Arts Center on Thursday, September 30, 2021, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 194 Hammonds Lane, Brooklyn Park, Maryland. They will host a terrific lineup on outdoor concerts for the whole family. Again, take your blankets, lawn chairs, picnic basket the same as you did the last time.

This time they will be featuring Domenic Cicala, from out of Washington, D.C. He is a singer/songwriter, largely influenced by Hank, Elvis and Bruce. Now this last one I going to tell you about will be held at the B&O Railroad Museum, 901 W. Pratt Street in Baltimore City. They call it the B&O Food Truck Oktoberfest and it will be held on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from noon to 6 p.m.

Now this is my kind of festival, the kind with good food and good music. At this festival, there will be an amazing amount of local food trucks and the autumn pastime of Oktoberfest to present a day of food, music, drink and a hell-la-VA lot of fun for the whole family. There will be live music by Rufus Roundtree and Da B’more Brass Factory and Kraken Duo. Drinks from The Back Yard and Lone Oak Farm Brewery, face painting and a variety of delicious dining options including the Queen’s Food Truck; Mex on the Run; So Beachy Haitian Cuisine; Craving Potato Factory; and Crown Foods Fried Oreos & Funnel Cakes also there will be other vendors selling jewelry, arts and crafts. I will see you there.

Now look my dear friends, I really have to go now. I am out of space, but enjoy your week, stay safe and remember, if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me at [email protected] UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.

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Legendary Pianist Dave Burrell
Legendary Pianist Dave Burrell will perform his “Harlem Renaissance on Saturday, September 25, 2021, at 7 p.m. at the An Die Musik Live, 409 N. Charles Street, 7 p.m. Dave Burrell will perform compositions from his new extended work “Harlem Renaissance” and much more. For more information, call: 410-385-2638
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Randy and Tanya Dennis
Randy and Tanya Dennis and Victor Green calls all the Line Dancers to meet with them on Wednesday, September 29 at Crafty Crab, 8606 Liberty Road in Randallstown, Maryland for Happy Hour, 6-9 p.m. No cover. Photo by Anderson Ward.

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