Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your words and prayers for My “Boo-Boo” “Shorty” and myself. It means so much to us how much you care. Bringing you up to date, my spinal surgery is not until the 29th of March and my husband’s lung surgery has not been scheduled at press deadline, hopefully this month.

   I am telling you my friends, it is unbelievable how so many Baltimore venues have opened up again to give our musicians a place to perform again since the COVID-19 has lifted a little bit. Now, remember it has not lifted 100%, so don’t go crazy and start socializing without your mask. Do me a favor, please wear your mask in all clubs, restaurants and any indoors venues unless you are eating or drinking. Stop taking selfies and dancing with a group of people without your mask, stay safe, protect yourself even though others may not.

   Okay, let’s talk about where you can hang out in the next couple of weeks. First of all there is this stage play called “Dead and Breathing,” by playwright Chisa Hutchinson. The production stars are J Purnell Hargrove and Valerie Lewis; now honestly I don’t know these people, but I bet that some of my readers do, especially those who go to a lot of plays. It really sounds interesting. Check this out; the play goes like this: “Cranky old Carolyn Whitlock has been in hospice for far too long and just wants to die already. But she’ll have to work harder than she ever has in her privileged life to convince her over-sharing and very Christian nurse to help her end it. Through surprising humor and persistent questioning, “Dead and Breathing” investigates morality, mortality, and the intense tug-of-war between the right to die with dignity and the idea of life as a gift.” So what do you think? Go see it at the Motor House located 120 W. North Avenue March 18 thru March 27. For more information, call 410-637-8300.

Chisa Hutchinson is an American playwright.. Currently, she is a Humanitarian Fellow and the Tow Foundation Fellow at Second Stage. Hutchinson teaches creative writing at the University of Delaware. Chisa Hutchinson’s play, “Dead and Breathing,” is a Rapid Lemon Productions and she is delighted to present the regional premier at the Baltimore’s Motor House from March 18 thru the 27th. The Production stars J Purnell Hargrove and Valerie Lewis with Noah Silas directs.

   Let me see what else is going on………..Oh! There is still a “Saturday R&B Brunch with live entertainment, food and drinks, free admission at the Olive Branch Italian Grill located 11706 Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown, Maryland right around the corner from me, every Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. Thanks to Carlos Hutchins, he is making sure we have live entertainment in the venues in around Baltimore. Don’t be surprised if in the next weeks to come, I will write to tell you there is live entertainment in Dunkin Donuts, I HOP, POPEYE’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Leave it up to Carlos Hutchins and it will happen. Okay, what else is going on? Don’t forget that every Wednesday from 6-10 p.m. at the Crafty Crab Seafood located 8606 Liberty Road in Randallstown, Maryland they have “Line Dance Happy Hour” thanks to Randy Dennis.

Randy “Fruity” Roberts from the Choir Boyz will be one of the lead actors in Ursula V. Battle’s Serenity House stage play on Saturday, March 19, and Sunday March 19 at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Mercy Court, 529 Walker Avenue in Baltimore. For tickets and more information, call 443-531-4787.

   There is a big show and dance at the Forest Park Senior Center, located 4801 Liberty Heights Avenue on Saturday, March 19 from 4-10 p.m. Damn, that’s a long time!!! The show will include dinners on sale and free set-ups, meaning it is BYOB. The show line-up are: “Father and Son,” “CLASS,” Ten Karat Gold, and Mr. Ronnie as the host. For more information, call 410-944-8944.

   Now, this should be very nice. The 1st Annual Inspire Gala, hosted by Stacey Carver, a concert dinner with live DJ, open bar and live entertainment featuring Will Downing on Thursday, March 24 from 7-11:30 p.m. at Preston Hall, 25 W. Preston Street in Baltimore and the attire is Black Tie. With a career that spans over 35 years and 25 albums, Will Downing is one of the most versatile and loved voices of our time. His distinctive baritone voice has resonated in the hearts of women world-wide. So I guess to expect a lot of single women at this one. For more information, go to: www.bit.ly/aneveningwithwilld.

Rickey Shackleford and Howard G, Baltimore’s own renowned comedians will host the Comedy Jam Show at Café 12, 5627 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore; Showtime 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. For more information, call 443-226-9157 and tell them “Rambling Rose” told you.

 Okay folks, I got to go, but before I do, I have a question to ask you. I was approached by my boss to think about doing a “Rambling Rose” podcast for the Baltimore Times. Tell me what you think. Email me at rosapryor@aol.com. Or send me a note to: 214 Conewood Avenue, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136. Thank you! Remember if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS

Rosa Pryor
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