(L-R:) Matt Onojafe, owner of Jafe Cycling, LLC with Justin Williams, a Belizean-American cyclist and rider-manager for UCI Continental team L39ION of Los Angeles, at the Armed Force Cycling Classic hosted in Arlington, Virginia in 2023. photo credit: Fafi Photography

Matthew Onojafe, founder and CEO of Jafe Cycling, LLC is a full-time entrepreneur based in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The company is 100 % Black owned.

“We sell bicycles, bike related apparel, accessories and [we provide] services for both repair and maintenance on bicycles,” Onojafe said. “Jafe Cycling was born during the pandemic as a way to promote health and wellness to the immediate community most affected by the [corona] virus. Cycling has always been a form of exercise and mental therapy for me personally, and I simply wanted to share that outlet with others around me that I thought could benefit.”

The business owner offered a tip for individuals who are in the market for purchasing a bicycle.

“You want to first identify brands that make reputable bicycles, then narrow that down to a model you like best. Components or a groupset is the next key. Sometimes [spending] a few extra bucks for better gears will save you many future headaches and finances for rides to come.” 

Onojafe further noted that bike maintenance depends on how frequently a cyclist rides. 

Matt Onojafe, (right) owner of Jafe Cycling, LLC participates in an Earth Day event. Jafe Cycling, LLC was an onsite vendor that hosted a clinic on how to repair a flat tire while out on a bike ride.
photo credit: WoodAngledPhotography

“However, routine services such as tune ups and tire changes should all take place at least once a year, and traditionally before the spring cycling season. One may need more,” Onojafe said.

Jafe Cycling, LLC is an authorized dealer for Cannondale, Giant, Deros and Fuji bikes. Cycling accessories such as inner tubes, bike pumps, gloves and water bottles are also available for purchase. The business provides a range of options to further accommodate a variety of customers.

“We sell some really high-end bikes, such as full carbon race bikes with electronic shifting. We also have youth mountain and trail bicycles for sale. Any bike that we do not have physically in stock, our customers can go online, purchase what they like and have it shipped directly to the showroom,” Onojafe said.

Onojafe also mentioned that the majority of the bikes that are sold in the Prince George’s County, Maryland location range between $1,200- $3,000. However, Jafe Cycling’s reach has extended to other states.

“We have had customers purchase bicycles from us down in Dallas, Texas. We have had several people from Delaware, Virginia Beach and even North Carolina drive up for bicycle repair services [and] bicycles fits, all to simply show their support of what we have created and are doing here in the state of Maryland.” 

Onojafe added, “We are a full-service repair shop and perform tasks from a simple brake adjustment, or drivetrain clean, all the way down to a complete bike overhaul, which involves taking your bicycle completely apart, cleaning, regreasing [it] and putting it all back together.”

Onojafe reflected on starting his enterprise in a two-bedroom apartment, while repairing riders’ bicycles in the living room, resulting in destroyed carpet.

Before opening Jafe Cycling, LLC, Onojafe obtained his bachelor of science in Fiber Optic Engineering from Norfolk State University. The member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated’s most previous corporate title was working as a business development manager for a fiber optic integration company. 

Today, Onojafe wears many hats as a business owner. He is the company bike mechanic who handles all customer bicycle repairs and interactions. Additionally, the entrepreneur does everything from handling custom apparel development to overseeing his company’s marketing and branding through daily social media postings. The bustling platform has attracted over 11,000 followers.

Onojafe does more than sell bikes.

 “I am also a cycling enthusiast, so I connect with about 22 cycling clubs here in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia metro territory consisting roughly of over 4,500 cyclists, attending local bike rides and other social engagements,” he said.

Onojafe stated that when he learned that he would soon become a father in 2014, cycling became a way for him to prepare for the inevitable “dad bod” and clear his mind to prepare for his new chapter in life.

“I have been cycling now for about eight years, and this year specifically, I competed in my first triathlon. So, while I am certainly a cyclist first, based on my USA Triathlon membership, I believe that I can now say that I am a ‘triathlete,’” Onojafe said. 

He added, “I love how cycling immerses you in nature, and truly allows you to lose yourself on a trail or open road. Any time I feel stuck or in a rut, I know now that I’m only one bike ride away from a clear mind.”

Jafe Cycling, LLC is located at 1441 McCormick Drive, Suite #1050 in Lake Arbor, Maryland. Visit https://www.thetrailsdmv.com for more information.

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