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Ursula Spencer, the founder of Dope Nerds®, stands as a self-taught technologist and successful tech entrepreneur with an impressive three-decade-long journey. She began her exploration into technology by teaching herself how to hack at age 11, eventually launching her first tech company at 21. Her fascination with virtual reality in 2009 took her into the realm of virtual world-building in Second Life, a platform enabling users to create and explore virtual 3D environments. 

Dope Nerds®  was founded in 2020 as the only Black-owned, woman-owned VR Solutions Provider in the United States. Pushing Dope Nerds® to new frontiers, their XR expertise spans a variety of applications, from developing ground-breaking custom experiences like the “Pedals of Resilience” for clients like The Baltimore Times, to crafting scenario-based training for corporate HR, to forging innovative pathways in trauma therapy and wellness.

Ursula also launched Dope Nerds Impact, the nonprofit arm of Dope Nerds®, to break down barriers to digital inclusion so youth and under-valued communities can access technology.


Bailey is a ten-year-old student, author and Chief Inspiration Officer of Dreamreacher Creative. Her first book “In The Wind” is an effort to share 100 ideas to uplift young people and has been well received by parents and educators. 

Since publishing “In The Wind,” Bailey has been invited to speak at schools, libraries and conferences. Bailey has also worked with the Children’s Museum of Atlanta as an ambassador, writer and producer.  Bailey’s spoken word recording titled “This Is Us” is streaming on all platforms and she has created a visual art series exploring mental health to raise awareness about families dealing with dementia.   

Sharone Reid

Sharone Reid is a dynamic and experienced speaker with a passion for the photo booth industry. As the owner of Focus and Fabulous Events, a successful photo booth rental company, Sharone has established herself as a leading expert in the field.  

Sharone is a sought-after keynote speaker and has presented at numerous industry events, including the International Photo Booth Expo since 2017 and Strong Women Photo Booth Conference since 2018. She is also the host of the Chit Chat Photo Booth Podcast, where she shares her insights and expertise with other industry professionals. 

Sharone’s success is known for her ability to connect with people and build long-lasting relationships that benefit her business and her clients.  In 2020, Sharone was nominated for the Metropolitan Business League Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Sharone lives by the motto, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Her passion for the photo booth industry and her commitment to excellence make her an ideal speaker for any event.

Robert Hansen

Robert was born in New York City, raised on the shores of Jersey and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He attended the School of Visual Arts in the lower eastside of New York where he studied Graphic Design.  His love for visual art led him to a 16-year career in retail as a Visual Merchandiser for Nordstrom, Macy’s Herald Square and Hickey Freeman Suits on 5th Avenue. 

Having won several awards for Visual Presentation, he set his sights on another design heavy industry, special events. Robert worked production on high-profile events as NIKE World Basketball with mentor Damon Haley and weddings for clients like Usher with mentor Diann Valentine. He also served as Art Director for several regional television commercials; as well as an award-winning Production Designer for a short film. 

He was encouraged by his mother to go back to basics and develop his love of fine art. Her death in 2021 resonated with him and reignited his passion to create art that makes one take a closer look, literally. In a short time, he has caught the attention of celebrities and TV Networks.

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