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Does positive thinking really work?

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Charles Scott
Chazz Scott Nucleus Team Member Positively Caviar, Inc. Courtesy Photo

Many people ask me if positive thinking really makes a difference in life’s circumstances related to health, wealth and even positive events taking place in their lives. My answer has always been yes, and now science is actually proving what philosophers have been saying for hundreds of years, your thoughts can either make you healthy or sick.

Your thoughts can influence your reality in a positive light or a negative one. This means the power is within you to change your life circumstance. But this can only be activated in accordance with your will. You must first make the conscious choice to use this power given to you for your good to support the health and desires you wish to experience.

We always become what we think about repeatedly. There is simply no way around this. Every thought that you think is manifested into your reality—positive or negative. It’s always working for you whether you realize it or not, good or bad. So, it is necessary that you monitor your thoughts to direct them toward the life and body that you envision for yourself. Otherwise, your thoughts can be hijacked toward negative thoughts that will not support you.

In the words of Robert Collier in his book The Secret of the Ages, “you can be whatever you make up your mind to be.” Meaning you must center your thoughts on what you desire in order for it to show up in your life experience.

“You can turn in on whatever ones you like— on joy or sorrow, on success or failure, on optimism or fear. You can select the particular impressions that will best serve you, you can hear only what you want to hear, you can shut out all disagreeable thoughts and sounds and experiences, or you can tune in on discouragement and failure and despair,” Collier said.

This means you have the power to control and influence your density. Although Collier’s book was originally published in 1926, it’s only until recently that science has backed up these astounding claims. Specifically— a newer science referred to as psychoneuroimmunology. This new field of science studies the interactions between psychological processes and the body’s nervous and immune systems. Basically, this means the way you think— positively or negatively can physically affect your bodily functions.

Henry Dreher, the author of The Immune Power Personality, is quoted as saying, “it turns out that our thoughts and feelings are mediated by brain chemicals that also regulate our body’s defenses. In other words, the chemical carries of our human emotions directly influence our physical health.” How you think and feel about yourself affects your health physically!

To further this claim, Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, assessed the optimism of 34 women with breast cancer and concluded that those who responded to life’s events most constructively lived the longest. There have been hundreds of scientific studies conducted worldwide, proving that our thoughts are not just some imaginary voices in our heads. This voice or self-talk that promotes the emotions we have about ourselves influences our bodily functions and even our life expectancy.

So, if this is the case, here are two ways you can ensure you are using your thoughts to influence your life in a positive manner:

Become mindful of your self-talk—

Every day we hear a voice in our head that controls our actions, beliefs, and how we feel about ourselves. This voice must be positive in nature to support the correspondingly desires that you wish to attain. If you find that’s it’s negative, find a good self-help book or listen to a positive podcast such as our Positively Elevate Podcast to help guide yourself toward positive thoughts. Our podcast provides practical and actionable mental wellness techniques for the everyday individual to thrive in life!

Keep your circle positive—

Studies have shown that our environment heavily influences us. Who you surround yourself with plays a role in how you feel about yourself and your life. It’s imperative that you keep people around you that are positive, have high energy, and keep you uplifted. Keep these people in your circle at all costs. These people are literately adding years to your life!

Positively Caviar, Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on a message of positivity and optimism. Once a month, our Nucleus Team writes a column focused on mental and physical health tips, scientific studies, nutrition facts and stories that are positive in nature to support a purposeful and positive lifestyle. To learn more about our organization, the nucleus team or how you can join our positive movement, visit: staybasedandpositive.com


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