Rambling Rose


Rambling Rose Uplifting Minds II Entertainment Conference Celebrates 22 Years!

Hello everyone, I truly hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. I pray that you and your family are in good health and safe.

Rambling Rose Local entrepreneur chosen as the first “Face of Tourism”

Hello everyone, hoping my words find you and your family safe and healthy. I hope you all are still wearing your mask and staying socially distanced whether you have had your vaccine shots or not. I believe the light is ...

Rambling Rose Help Celebrate Baltimore Blues Society 35th Anniversary

Hello everyone, I am hoping everyone in the sound of my words are well and healthy and if not, hang in there, God will make a way. I know it has been a year since this mess of COVID-19 started, ...

Rambling Rose “Black History Month Going Out With a BANG!”

Hello everyone, hoping everyone who have eyes on this column is well and healthy and their family too.

Rambling Rose Spice of Life: Valentines Day & Black History Month

Well, hello my dear friends. It is such a great honor this week to be able to write about something else other than who died. It is just wonderful to write about something you can smile at for a change. ...

Rambling Rose Gone, but will never be forgotten!

Hello my dear friends, I am so sorry my “Rambling Rose” column has turned into more of an obituary column instead of an entertainment column, but what can I say, that is what Baltimore has come to.

Rambling Rose Happy New Year! & Happy Kwanzaa!


Rambling Rose Baltimore’s Holiday Angeles

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I know COVID-19 is jumping up and down and doing the “James Brown.” When will it end— nobody knows but in the meantime don’t be a fool— wear your mask and ...

Soul’d out Saturday Blessing Bags

Hello everyone, I hope and pray that all of you who are in the sound of my written words are safe and health.

Rambling Rose Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from my house to yours

Hello everyone, how are you? Because this newspaper is a positive paper about positive people, I will try very hard not speak of people in the White House who don’t want to leave. COVID-19 has spiraled out of control and ...

Rambling Rose Charles Covington: The master will perform solo

Hello everyone, hoping you and everyone in your family are well and safe. This COVID-19 is no joke.

Rambling Rose Local Musician Celebrates Gabrielle Goodman’s Birthday

Hello everyone, I pray that you are healthy and trying to enjoy life during this very unusual situation with the COVID-19. It’s so very hard, I know, but we got to do what we got to do— this too shall ...

Rambling Rose : Forum Caterers Celebrates 41 Years This Week

Hello everyone, How are you? I see some of you are tip-toeing out a little more into the public bars and clubs, the places where I feel are my second homes, but if I were you, I wouldn’t be so ...

Rambling Rose LaFayette Gilchrist addresses life in Baltimore on new CD

Hello everyone, how are you? I am so bored and I can’t stand myself but I am alive and healthy.

Rambling Rose Baltimore’s own icon Lewis S. Diggs celebrates 89th birthday

Hello everyone, hoping you and your family are healthy and safe.