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“The older I get, the faster life goes,” the saying goes.

Trust me— I know the feeling. But unfortunately, every time we close out a year and begin a new one, this seems to be the “go-to” mantra everyone falls back on. 

My question is— does it ever slow down? I don’t think so. It’s apparent none of us have any control over time, but one thing we do have control over is what we do with that time.

One of the essential parts of beginning a new chapter in life is reflection. Without reflection or contemplation about the past then it’s hard to advance yourself to figure out where you desire to go.

Make sure you stop and think and reflect over your life in 2021. What went right? What went wrong? Are you becoming happier day by day? Do you need to distance yourself from certain negative people in your life? Are your personal relationships and friendships becoming more meaningful? Are you taking any steps in the direction of your dreams and passions?

These are critical questions we must ask ourselves otherwise, we run the risk of just “going through the motions” heading into the New Year.

When you set time aside for reflection, the next biggest question you must ask yourself is where you are placing your time. Since time cannot be controlled— it makes sense that we need to be very deliberate about what we do with our time daily to ensure we are using it adequately. 

For example, let’s say you review 2021 and believe that you should have exercised more to improve your health and overall personal satisfaction, instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media.

So, for 2022 you can say to yourself, “Well, I realize time is not stopping or slowing down for me, so I must be intentional about what I do with the time I have left to ensure it aligns with the life I desire.” With this inner reflection, you may make a promise to yourself to add a one-hour block on your calendar to hit the gym, walk or run daily.

These are powerful realizations that you can relate to any aspect of your life. 

We can’t alter time, but we can certainly change what we do with our time to ensure it aligns with our goals and desires. 

Take some time to reflect on how you spend your time throughout the day. For example, are you spending it on things you enjoy— such as spending time with family with no distractions, working out, meditating, going to parks more, and investing in personal development.

When you become intentional about what you do with your time, this can lead to a sense of inner joy and contentment without the feeling that your life is passing you by.

Let’s go into 2022 with intention and clarity, so you feel like time is on your side! In reality, it always was. 

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Chazz Scott
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