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Maryland Department of Health re-launches CovidCONNECT


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Baltimore— The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) relaunched its CovidCONNECT website, offering more streamlined access to comprehensive resources to support Marylanders who have firsthand experience with COVID-19.

Through CovidCONNECT, users are able to find guidance and support from peers who share similar experiences and access resources to promote physical, emotional and mental health.

“As Marylanders continue to get vaccinated in record numbers, we see hope for the future—but we still need ways to come together to cope with the losses of the past year,” said MDH Acting Secretary Dennis R. Schrader.

“We hope CovidCONNECT can help more Marylanders who are struggling with this pandemic by finding support and building community.”

Re-launching CovidCONNECT opens the site to the public and allows for more expansive reach of resources, including new features like CovidCONNECTIONS—stories from real Marylanders who have personally felt the impact of the virus.

The site will soon feature COVID stories from all 24 Maryland jurisdictions and will also increase its mental health support offerings, including a regular webinar series on coping with the pandemic.

CovidCONNECT first launched in May 2020 as a registration-only platform for people who tested positive or who recovered from COVID-19.

“Many Marylanders are experiencing significant mental health impacts as a result of having had COVID-19, prolonged isolation, financial stresses, grief from losing loved ones and general life disruption,” said BHA Deputy Secretary Dr. Aliya Jones.

“We can find renewed strength and learn how to move forward by sharing our experiences, resources and support with one another.”

Learn more at covidconnect.health.maryland.gov.


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