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All-black real estate team to serve underrepresented population

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Robinson Upshur Team 2021
The Robinson Upshur Team (Left to right, front row) Arlene Marshall and Nancy Hargrove. (Left to right, back row) Alan J. Upshur; Leon B. Robinson IV; and Cory Hudson. Photo Credit: Justin Ross, Ross Multimedia Group

Baltimore— Coldwell Banker Realty in the Mid-Atlantic region is pleased to announce that the Robinson Upshur Team has been formed. Affiliated with the company’s Baltimore Fells Point office, the team is comprised of Leon B. Robinson IV, Alan Upshur, Nancy Hargrove Cory Hudson and Arlene Marshall and will provide residential and commercial real estate services in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, as well as all of Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Collectively, the team has overseen more than 200 real estate transactions combined, helping clients achieve their goals, navigate the real estate process and exceed their expectations. Supported by Coldwell Banker Realty’s marketing, technology and resources, the team works with their residential and commercial clients to achieve their ownership goals.

Robinson earned his Maryland and D.C. real estate licenses in 2017 and is currently a top-performing Coldwell Banker affiliated agent, ranking among the top 10 percent of the nearly 96,000 agents worldwide. He has been recognized as a Rising Star and among the 30 Under 30 by Real Producers. Robinson earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Morgan State University where he was also a member of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society.

Licensed in 2016, Upshur has been named a Rising Star by Real Producers and Agent of the Year by Black Wall Street Baltimore, as well as Rookie of the Year his first year affiliated with Coldwell Banker. He has experience as a licensed mortgage loan officer, helping buyers and sellers navigate complex budgetary requirements while protecting their interests. Upshur is also CEO of GOASO Clothing Company, a nonprofit organization, and actively volunteers with Under Armour.

Both Robinson and Upshur are Western School of Technology alumni and varsity teammates. Recognized as Men of Courage by the Ford Motor Company Fund, launched in 2015 to build communities by advancing the narrative of Black men through storytelling, they are honored to help buyers, sellers and investors through collaboration, persistence and sharing their real estate expertise.

For more information about buying or selling a home, contact Leon B. Robinson IV at [email protected] or 443-889-4095 and Alan Upshur at [email protected] or 410-844-1930.


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