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WBC hosts 2022 Virtual Women’s Conference: Refresh! Rejuvenate! Reimagine! Your Health, Wealth and Business

Ann Frank considers herself a development junkie, though she concedes that enthusiast might provide a better description.

“My background is personal, professional, business and program development,” said Frank, the director of the Baltimore Metro Women’s Business Center (WBC).

Frank and the WBC plan to host the 2022 Virtual Women’s Conference on Thursday and Friday, February 24 and 25, where Danielle Frisby, the founder and CEO of Unboxing Change, will serve as host and moderator.

The theme of the conference, which begins each day at 9:30 a.m. EST, is “Refresh! Rejuvenate! Reimagine! Your Health, Wealth and Business.” The event will include inspirational speakers, community business award presentations, breakout discussions, and entrepreneurial business success stories.

“You will learn how to shift your mindset from ‘Oh no,’ to ‘Oh yes,’” Frank declared.

  She added that attendees also will learn how to “push forward when you’re pulled backward. Grow, scale, and then sail in your business.”

Frank added that the Baltimore Metro WBC’s commitment is to embrace women business owners and provide resources to enhance their business knowledge as well as support their ingenuity for entrepreneurial growth.

Frank further explained why historically Black Morgan State University serves as the ideal host for the conference.

“The goal of this SBA sponsored program is to provide resources to the underserved business community,” Frank noted. “Morgan University, via their Entrepreneurial Development and Assistance Center (EDAC), allows us access to a host of students, faculty, staff, and surrounding urban communities that typically have not had access to these types of federal resources. Gaining access to capital, networking and getting seats at tables where women are typically underrepresented. Its overall effectiveness is about visibility and accessibility.”

In additional to the conference, the WBC offers a variety of opportunities and services including one-on-one no-cost business consulting, training, workshops, the Barbara A. Robinson Mentoring program, and a Women’s Networking & Leadership Collective. 

They also offer COVID assistance programs.

“We are currently having COVID-19 Subject Matter Assistance Summits where we pay for hands-on servicing for our clients like accounting services to review or set up their books,” Frank stated. 

The program also includes assistance for website marketing, social media, marketing campaigns, and helping clients understand and manage contract awards, according to Frank. 

Frank added that the program is temporary, and on a first-come, first-served, basis until Covid-related funds are exhausted.

“I love this job and I love what I’ve been tasked to do,” Frank exclaimed. “Providing knowledge and resources to women business owners, seeing and experiencing the ah ha moments with women as they move forward with their entrepreneurial dreams, are exciting. 

“When they jump up and shout because they obtained funding, set up their marketing, obtained a larger contract or even made their first dollar, I jump up and shout hallelujah right along with them. It feels great to contribute to community growth. That’s what it is all about— building community through economic growth.”

To register for the conference, visit https://edacwbc.ecenterdirect.com/events/662

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