At just 17 years old, Destiny Snow is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, and author on her way to the top. The Atlanta-based founder of SnowGlam Collection runs an online company which offers “all-things beauty” for women. Like many teens, Destiny enjoys shopping and spending time with friends during her free time. However, the eleventh grader who founded her budding empire at age 15 balances thoughts of schoolwork, preparing for her future, and business sales.

“We offer hair, lashes, hot tools, nail products, cosmetics, jewelry, women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, along with eBooks for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. I feel that SnowGlam Collection differs from other companies because not only are we offering products to help women feel more glamorous, but we’re also providing them with the information and tools that they need to build their own successful businesses,” said Destiny, also mentioning her noteworthy online sales achievement. “SnowGlam Collection has been very successful. I’ve achieved over $1 million in (sales in) two years.”

Instead of letting the pandemic and virtual learning hold her back, Destiny maximized the opportunity of shifting to an online only learning schedule.

“Me constantly being home throughout the day gave me the opportunity I needed to focus more on growing my company. Since then, I am now homeschooled,” she said. “Constantly being home throughout the day definitely gave me the time I needed to focus on my entrepreneurship goals as well as my schoolwork.”

Destiny found her niche while balancing both key responsibilities. The teen mogul’s customers are typically individuals who want to purchase products to enhance their glamour, or aspiring entrepreneurs seeking knowledge about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Moving toward success took time and a boost from a social media influencer. Destiny reflects on her decision to invest in promotion through Ari Fletcher’s Instagram account. When Fletcher tagged her on an Instagram story, the teen’s return on a financial prospect was obvious.

“No less than a minute after this happened, my phone started blowing up with Shopify order notifications. I screamed out in the grocery store in excitement. Many people were staring at me, but I didn’t care. Nothing makes me happier than making a successful investment,” said Destiny. “As the day ended, I made a total of over $65,000 and my business page gained over 3,000 new followers. The next day, I announced this information on my Instagram platform. After doing so my sales doubled. People were talking about it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This was a major accomplishment for my business.”

(Left to right) Destiny Snow and her mother Keisha Newman. Destiny was inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit.
Photo Credit: Destiny Show

SnowGlam Collection’s most popular products are currently eBooks and a Luxury Diamond Flat Iron. Items such as the flat iron require drop shipping. USPS picks up orders when Destiny needs to mail them, or her mother gives her a lift to the post office, since the teen does not have a license just yet.

Her drive to lead her “Glam Squad,” who are customers and supporters, who love her brand, begins with her mother Keisha Newman. Destiny credits her mother as the source of her entrepreneurial inspiration.

“Destiny and her sister grew up watching me grow my income tax and accounting business, in addition to my real estate company,” Newman said.

The multitalented Newman is also a lawyer specializing in real estate, bankruptcy and contract law. She began teaching and instilling entrepreneurship in her children when they were three years old. Along the way, she took steps such as checking out adult books on business for them at the library.

Newman stays connected to her business passion, too. She currently runs a full-service loan brokerage. Her company specializes in helping clients obtain business funding up to three million dollars. Newman also helps business owners who need with help with trademark, legalizing and protecting their assets, and business credit building services.

As a parent, Newman believes in the power of demonstrating a solid foundation for children to model.

“My advice to other parents about inspiring their children would be to lead the way!” Newman said. “I believe children must be able to see success being demonstrated in their homes first.”

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