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Outage On Twitter As Users Experience Broken Links, Unloadable Photos


By Alberto Arellano

Millions of Twitter users are frustrated with broken links and failing photo uploads— a platform-wide glitch that is an unintentional effect of internal updates, according to Twitter support. 

The Twitter logo is seen in this photo illustration in Warsaw, Poland on 21 September 2022. Internal changes have been a factor at Twitter for the outages. NURPHOTO/GETTY IMAGES

Twitter reported in a tweet on Monday that the company were making change in structure leading up to outages on the platform.

“Some parts of Twitter may not be working as expected right now. We made an internal change that had some unintended consequences,” said the company in a tweet. “We’re working on this now and will share an update when it’s fixed.”

More than 8,000 users had reported problems after 12:00 PM ET on Monday. 

The social media giant was in the process of changing the Applications Programming Interface or API. Twitter lets API retrieve and analyze the platform’s public data to bot or various third-party applications connected to Twitter.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk said the issue will be fixed soon, expressing his own frustration with the platform. “This platform is so brittle (sigh),” Musk said in a tweet responding to a user.

In this photo illustration taken on December 28, 2022, an error notification is seen on the Twitter login page in Washington, DC. Reports have been users experiencing broken links after 12:00 PM ET where the company commented via tweet. SAMUEL CORUM/GETTY IMAGES.

Since Musk took over the company, Twitter’s workforce was cut by two-thirds as he expected employees to return to the office.

The company maintains the corporate office in downtown San Francisco.

Former engineers had warned about the workforce since Musk took over the social media giant. Those who left expect an unpleasant environment for the employees and expect to see changes for more than 230 million users.

“Twitter is currently experience international slowdowns and outages affecting many users,” said NetBlocks, an internet access watchdog.

Twitter is currently employing over 1,300 workers since October 2022 with less than 550 engineers, according to CNBC.

Musk bought Twitter at $44 billion where former CEO Parag Agrawal was relieved from his duties from the company.

Former head of content design Lisa Jennings Young designed certain features that protect the platform from conduct of offense, which included racism, antisemitism, and misogyny. Her team was let go at the time of the take-over and the feature she designed was revoked. Jennings Young resigned from Twitter sometime later.

Esther Crawford, the woman who was caught sleeping in her office where pictures went viral, was fired as of last month.

“The worst take you could have from watching me go all-in on Twitter 2.0 is that my optimism or hard work was a mistake,” Crawford said of her experience and changes working at Twitter.

Twitter staffing has been low outages at the beginning on as the company is going through its corporate structure. More details are expected to come.

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